Mark Hodesh - Small business owner, Downtown Home and Garden

Local connection

I attended Mary D. Mitchell Elementary School, class of ’56.

People or experiences that led me to where I am

Stuart Thayer (Thayer Insurance Agency) told me that you don’t have to be smart to run a small business, you just have to work hard. As I was growing up, I never felt smart.

How I got into this field

I bought the store in 1975 from the Hertler family. At that time the owners were 89, 95, and 102 years of age. I thought that if they could run this business at their ages, so could I. I didn’t have much money, but I was willing to invest it all. It rang as an opportunity.

What I like most about my work

It is reassuring to see that things I like are well received by the public. It is affirming to hear people say how much they like the store.

Volunteer or other experiences you might check out to learn about my field

I learned to run a diner by being a dishwasher. You can see how a business runs from any position within the business. County Extension Service is a good place to volunteer.

Challenges and exciting changes I see in my field in the near future

The store is doing well even in these economic challenging times. That validation drives me. Taking on the economic challenges by continuing to make wise choices about what merchandise we sell is a challenge that I enjoy.

The kinds of training and education needed to keep up in my field

One-day seminars on marketing and sales; reading trade journals.

Other career fields where my skills could be put to use

Any job where management skills are required.

How my job impacts my family life

I work on Saturday; I work long hours, and this is often at the expense of my family life.

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