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Occupation Evaluation Worksheet

Using an occupation evaluation table is one way to compare various career options you are considering. By putting the options side by side and comparing them in specific areas, you can get a clearer picture of how they stack up against each other.
  1. In the first column, list the conditions you want to evaluate and compare.

    For example, you will want to compare such things as how well each job meets your interests, values, and skills. Will you have to go back to school or learn certain skills before are qualified for the job? What can you expect the starting salary to be for each job?

    Arrange your list of requirements from most important to least important.

  2. Arrange your list of occupations in the other columns and title them. For example, you might be considering three career options, such as nursing, teaching, and journalism. If you have more than three options, add extra columns to the sheet.

  3. In each column, note how well the occupation matches the requirements listed. If you don't know how well an occupation satisfies a particular requirement, do some more research to find out.

  4. Compare how each option meets the different requirements you have listed and choose the one which seems to most closely match your requirements.

What I want;
What is important to me
Occupation 1: Occupation 2: Occupation 3:
My strongest interests:
My most important values:
My transferable skills:
My education level:

My lifestyle preferences:
Other important factors:

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