Career Planning

Considering options

So, you've decided it's time to start thinking about what you want to do with the rest of your life....

In many ways, making career plans is similar to planning a vacation. Your first step will be to choose a destination. Where do you want to go on your trip? Skiing in the Rockies? Disneyland? A tour of Europe? A safari in Africa? Even if you know that a ski trip would be your perfect vacation, how do you decide on the best ski resort? Unless you do some "homework," your vacation may end up being less than you had hoped for.

Unlike a vacation, however, if you don't do your homework when planning your career, the result may be a little more devastating than just a couple of wasted weeks and a slightly lighter wallet. You might end up spending thousands of dollars and four years in university, only to find you don't like the career you chose on a whim. That's an expensive whim!

To help you out, we've set up a three-step process to help you choose some possible destinations:

1. Discover yourself - Knowing your interests, values, skills, and personal traits will dramatically increase your odds of finding a satisfying career.
2. Research your options - What career possibilities are out there? And how do you find out which occupations you will like? We'll help you out.
3. Make a decision - Perhaps the toughest part of the whole process.

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