Tour of Ann Arbor Fire Department


Ann Arbor Fire Department

Contact Person

Kevin Scarbrough

Brief Description

What goes on at a fire station? You might be surprised at the variety of jobs there are and the range of services we provide. Call Kevin to arrange a tour to meet the interests and needs of children to adults. Tour will include seeing equipment, vehicles, learning about communication and response systems, and finding out about such tasks as rope and confined space rescue,and such jobs as fire inspector and actual firefighter.

Tour Length: 30-60 minutes

Related Careers: Firefighting, Hazardous Materials Management, Technical Rescue, Fire Inspection, Code Enforcement, Mechanics, Fire Safety Education


Group Size: 3-35 students

Age Level: Preschool - Adults

Interests: Fire Safety, Emergency Rescue, Firefighting

Previous Classes/Knowledge: math, science

Other: General interest in fire stations and services provided

Public Access: AATA bus stop nearby

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