Michigan Reach Out! Camp Discovery, Summer 2003

In July of 2003, fifteen elementary students and many volunteers each spent two days “on the farm” during three sessions of Camp Discovery. We hope you enjoy our online scrapbook!

We spent our first day at the Burkhardt farm exploring crafts and critters! We met four horses (two of them miniature), two donkeys, a fainting goat, cats, dogs, a rabbit, and even a hedgehog. The animals really liked it when we fed them apples, although some of them were tall enough to steal them right off the tree! Many of us had a chance to ride the donkey, while some of us learned how to play the banjo. We finished off the day making dream catchers out of horseshoes.

phots from Burkhardt farm

For our second day, we were off to the Meeks farm for some fun with fishing. Many of us learned how to hook a worm or release a fish for the first time! Then we took a little break from fishing to do a nature scavenger hunt and make bookmarks out of leaves and flowers. When we got hungry, we cooked hot dogs, fish, grilled cheese sandwiches, s'mores, pies, and even popcorn on the campfire. The perfect end to our day was taking a dip in the pond to cool off!

photos from Meeks farm

We all had a great time and can’t wait for more Reach Out! adventures!

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