What is Job Shadowing?

Job Shadowing is when you invite a child or a teen to come to work with you for a few hours. The goal is to simply to give youth exposure to and some information about a job or a career field.

We have a few administrative suggestions for you to consider when making job shadowing arrangements with young people and their adult sponsors:

  1. Arrange Job Shadowing with an Adult
    Be sure to talk with a teacher, counselor, or parent about the experience. We do not recommend making arrangements only with a child. You may want to invite teacher, counselor, or parent to come along if they can.

  2. Confirm Logistics
    Send a note to child and teacher, counselor, or parent with details of shadowing date/time, your location, public transportation available, place to park or drop off and pick up youth. You may include a map, parking permit, or where and how to meet a receptionist. We do not recommend your providing transportation for youth.

  3. Time
    We recommend you have the youth for 2-4 hours. When possible, let the youth go with you to a staff or team meeting to meet others - and you get some work done! Remainder of time may include a tour, sharing information, and helping you do some work task. Many enjoy taking youth to lunch.

  4. Number of Youth per Visit
    We generally advise you to have one youth job shadow with you at a time. Some feel comfortable with 2 or 3 at a time.

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