Job Shadow Provider:

George Myers, Project Coordinator/Research Investigator

University of Michigan Medical School


University of Michigan Medical School
North Ingalls Building
300 N.Ingalls
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-0489

Brief Description of Experience

Career(s) Shared:
Biological & Medical Scientist, Science Research Manager, Medical Lab Careers, Medical Technologist

Time Needed: 2 hours

Things We May Do:
Have you ever been in a research lab? George will give you a tour of several health- and medical-related labs at the University of Michigan's Medical School. You will meet physicians, technicians, and researchers who are working as teams to study medical technology and health problems, to better understand a disease and possible prevention and treatment strategies, or to develop an apparatus, tool, or computer program to assist patients or researchers. You will see the scientific process in action as people are defining their hypotheses, designing experiments, conducting their studies, documenting with great care what they observe and do, and coming to some conclusions and more questions! You will see how technology and computer-related systems are integral to research nowadays. You may experience strategies for documenting and making sense out of findings. You may experience rolling up your sleeves to help with a particular task of the day in a lab. You may go to a meeting where research team members are updating one another on what they are doing, on the kinds of problems or roadblocks they are facing, or on their findings. You may go to the hospital to see how some research is being applied in patient care or treatment.


Age level: 8th-12th grades or college students

Interests: Health and medical careers, helping people, experimenting and solving problems

Previous Classes/Knowledge: Math and science background helpful

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