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Job Shadow Provider:

Gerald (Jerry) McMahon,
Commercial and Residential Painter,
Small Business Owner


Jerry's Painting
1563 Grove Street
Ypsilanti, MI 48198

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Brief Description of Experience

Career(s) Shared:
Painting, Small Business Ownership

Time Needed: 2-4 hours

Things We May Do:
You will come with Jerry to an actual job he is doing. You may get the chance to help prepare an area to be painted, actually paint or clean up and put away tools! See what being a small business owner and manager is like as you watch how Jerry is the "boss" of a crew, interacts with the site foreman, and deals with other behind-the-scenes tasks from accounting to marketing. You will learn about different tools of the trade, techniques for painting, varieties of surfaces and conditions for painting projects, and different kinds of paints that are available and popular on the market today. You may tag along while Jerry assesses a job and writes up a proposal for a client, while he orders materials and equipment or deals with vendors on late or incorrect deliveries at his office, while he travels to a site to handle mechanical problems with vehicles or electrical tools, or while he holds a staff meeting to give out job assignments and timelines for work projects.


Age level: Middle-High School and Adults

Interests: Enjoying service kinds of jobs, taking pride in a job well done, painting

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