Job Shadow Provider:

 Raymond Maturo

Pediatric Dentistry

Brief Description of Experience

Career(s) Shared: Pediatric Dentist, Dentist

Time Needed: 2 hours

Things We May Do:
My specialty is pediatric dentistry, which means my patients range from infants through teens. If you come to visit me and my staff, you will learn about our practice and see what we do with our patients and their parents to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases; to deal with mouth, jaw, and tooth-related injuries and accidents; and to correct malformations of the mouth, teeth and jaw. You will learn about strategies we use to alleviate fear and minimize any pain during procedures. You will also see the latest technology and innovations related to our field.


Age Level: 7th–12th Grades

Interests: Sincere interest in health care, medicine, dentistry and children

Previous Classes/Knowledge: Any and all math and science

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