All about career exploration,
planning & development

From Human Resources Development Canada

Career Planning

Discover Yourself

What Turns You On?
What’s Important to You?
Lifestyle Values
Transferable Skills
Job-Related Skills
Personal Traits
Other Resources

Research Your Options

Discover Your Choices
Narrow the Choices
Informational Interviews
Working Part-Time
Working Abroad
Other Resources

Make a Decision

Evaluation Table
Decision Matrices
Interests Matrix
Values Matrix
Skills Matrix
Interpreting Results

Education & Training

Colleges & Universities
Why? Attend What Types?
Think College Early
Search Engines & Rankings
Choosing a School
College Web Sites
Community Colleges
Apprenticeship Programs
Working Abroad
Financing Schooling

Job Searching


Your Résumé IQ
What to Include
What to Omit
Selecting a Format
12 Quick Tips
Choosing References
More Info

Cover Letters

The Right Format
Sample Letters
200 Sample Letters

Job Search

Before You Start
Take Inventory
Stay Positive
Target Your Job
Get Organized
Job Search Strategies
Advertised Jobs
Establishing Contacts
Internet Resources
Using the Telephone
Preparing for a Cold Call
Telephone Cold Calling
Cold Calling Tips
Cold Calling Scenario
Face-to-Face Cold Calling


The Job Interview
General Tips
Knowing the Job
What to Wear
What to Bring
Common Questions
Experience, Performance
Education, Future Goals
Company Research
Three Interview Stages
Exchanging Information
After the Interview
More Information
Telephone Interviews
Interview Practice
Handling interviews
Interviewing News and Articles
Ace the Interview
Interview Blunders

Career Maintenance

Keeping Your Job
Before You Start
Your First Day on the Job
Your First Week on the Job
Your First Month on the Job
And Beyond
Employer Expectations
Leaving Your Job
I Want to Quit, But Why?
Consider This First
I Have to Leave, Now What?
Giving Notice
The Lighter Side
Seeking a Raise

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