A Note about Career Presentations

Originally, our presentations were designed as the kind of traditional ones you might have experienced at a Career Day in school. We have moved away from that model for several reasons: it is an inefficient use of volunteers' time; not all presenters are equally skilled at holding the attention of a group of young people, and—most importantly—large-group presentations are not targeted enough to the interests of individual children or teens.

Instead, we are now recruiting presenters to do an on-line explanation of what they do, how and why, how they prepared for it, why they like it, and how others might do the same. With a large enough directory of such presentations, we can offer a breadth and depth of career exploration that cannot be matched by any Career Day. Once young people have narrowed down their potential career interests, we think they should investigate further on site, through tours or job shadowing.

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Last updated 30 Sep 98