General Tips for Effective Career Presentations

This list shares ideas of things to think about when making career presentations to children and teens. We welcome ideas to add to this list and share with others!

  1. Enthusiasm
    Be sure you want to make a career presentation. Be excited about what you do and where your career is going. Most of all, be yourself!

  2. Be Prepared
    Have a brief outline about the things you want to share. Be careful not to get off into "war stories" about your experiences or to get into a lecturing style. Keep presentation to 10-15 minutes and allow time to share ideas or ask questions.

  3. Mix Talking with Seeing or Doing
    Try to bring along some things to pass around, look at, or do. Use some visuals like pictures, overlays, or a short video to use during your presentation.

  4. Setting
    Have children or teens get into a circle or semi circle- avoid being in front of straight rows! Many enjoy making "brown bag" presentations or having lunch while they share their careers.

  5. Listen
    When children or teens ask questions or share ideas, be sure to really listen to them and respond to what they are communicating.

  6. Be Encouraging
    Let them share goals, plans, or dreams. Encourage them to achieve their goals and fulfill dreams. Too many lose hope about what they want to become. Others have been told they won't be able to make the journey and take the steps necessary to go into a career.

  7. Many Careers or Jobs in a Lifetime
    Share how few people stay in one job or work at one place anymore. Often we make changes and build upon our past experiences, knowledge, and skills. Relate that everything we study or do can be positive—even if we make some significant changes in career directions in our lives.

  8. Don't Burn Bridges
    It is good to share that as we move from one job or workplace to another, we are building our own network, getting people to be references for us, and gaining experiences that will likely help us in our next career or job.

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Last updated 8 Oct 96