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Contact Person

Stuart Cohen

Brief Description

A tour can be adapted for different age levels, from 3rd-12th grades. Tour includes our "Tow Tank" which is 360 feet long. You will ride on a carriage in the tank and see a model test. The model test depends on what we are working on at the time of your tour. We test a range of things from boats and floating vessels to trucks and cars. Some tours will include visiting three additional facilities (when available and age appropriate): the Low Turbulence Water Channel, the Gravity Capillary Wave Tank, and the Ocean Engineering Lab.

photo of West Engineering building

Tour Length

Elementary: 20 min.; Middle School: 30 min.; High School: 45 min.
Tours must be scheduled at least 2 months in advance.

Related Careers

Engineering, Naval Architecture, Ocean Engineering, Ship Building, Yacht Design

tow tank


Group Size: 5-25 students (smaller is better)

Age Level: 3rd-12th Grades

Interests: Ships, Boats, Floating Vessels, Waves, Oceans

Safety: No sandals or high heels. Not wheelchair-accessible. Some climbing around equipment is required.

tow tank carriage

Previous Classes/Knowledge:

Elementary: Demonstrated interest in science
Middle School: Math and science
High School Physics


Public Access: AATA bus stop nearby. Note: Parking is very difficult. Expect to park several blocks away.

To Arrange This Tour for Your Group

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