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Few children, teens, parents, counselors, and teachers really know what broad kinds of business, career, and higher education opportunities exist in their own communities. Tours of work sites allow everyone to see first-hand what is going on "behind closed doors," to learn about careers and educational resources, and to gain insights about the real world. Children and teens also see how school learning is related to the world of work or is necessary to further their education beyond high school. Finally, tours promote relationships among community members and foster the building of coalitions or partnerships to share responsibilities and resources for educating children.

On behalf of the Southeastern Michigan Math-Science Learning Coalition, the Center for Ultrafast Optical Science (CUOS) maintains a directory of tours available in the southeastern Michigan area—especially those related in some way to science, math, technology, and engineering. Teachers, parents, and career club leaders make their own contacts from this directory to plan and schedule tours. Please contact CUOS (313-763-4918 or webmaster) if you would like to make a tour of your facility available or if changes need to be made regarding information you provide.

We hope that these tours will provide ideas for other communities. In the future, we will utilize video technology to bring business and lab tours from around the country to children and teens in their homes, schools, or career clubs.

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Last updated 10 July 96