What Turns You On?

A Personal Career Planning Worksheet


This worksheet is designed to help you to explore your interests and achievements and to relate them to a possible career. When answering these questions, be honest with yourself. Answer based on what you really think, rather than on what your parents, teachers, coaches, siblings, or friends think or expect of you.

Learning Style:

How do I learn better or prefer to learn?

  • Hands-On
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Big Picture
  • In Steps

Working Style:

How would I prefer to work?

Indoors  - Outdoors
Alone  - With People
On One Project  - On Multiple Projects
Self-Starter  - Need Prompting
Like Change  - Don't Like Change

Talents, Skills, and Interests:

   What makes me happy?
   What am I good at?
   Are they the same?


   What things might interfere with my pursuing what makes me happy?

Whom do I know?

   Whom do I know that is happy with his or her career? Why?
   Whom do I know that is unhappy with his or her career? Why?

What Now?

   What careers am I interested in learning more about?
   How can I do this?


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Last updated 1 Mar 10