About "Have You Ever Met a Tree?"

This lesson is part of a project entitled "Classroom in the Arb." The project's main purpose is to let teachers know of the opportunities that are available to them and their classes using the University of Michigan's Nichols Arboretum as a tool for environmental education.

Our lessons are designed not only for teachers, but for parents and friends of preschool through third graders who are planning a field trip to the Arboretum. Or, you may use lessons for study and observation closer to home in a park, backyard, or school playground.

The environment was mankind's first learning tool. Early humans had to have an extensive knowledge of their surrounding environment in order to survive. Today, we no longer need that type of knowledge for survival. Instead, because of our increasing population and wasteful habits, we need a different type of understanding. We must learn about and respect the natural environment in order to protect it—because it is slipping away.

We believe in providing many environmental education opportunities in the early grades. It is important to help children develop strong ideas of environmental stewardship and an awareness of their natural environment as young as possible so they can make wise decisions about protecting and enjoying nature.

The authors of "Classroom in the Arb" lessons are: Andy Duncan, Brooke Scelza, Becca Bodzick and Jon Streeter.

For more information about Nichols Arboretum and environmental learning adventures, please contact Inger Schultz by e-mailing to ischultz@umich.edu, or by calling 734-763-4033.

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Last updated 5 Mar 99