Hands-On Science

The City from the Ooze: Field Trip!

Gather up your bucket and shovel, and head for the beach! On the way, be sure to pay attention to your environment.
Can you identify the plants and trees that you see? If you are out in the country away from people and you walk along quietly, you will see birds and maybe some animals, too. Taking a camera along is always a good idea.

When you get to the lake shore, look around for the best mud you can find. What mud is good mud? Well, pond scum in the vicinity is a good sign that things are living there. When you dig in with the shovel, take a sniff for that nice rotten egg smell that means sulfur is present. Smelly, slimey mud is what we're after...

Now, fill your bucket with mud (be sure to get some water, too). Try to avoid getting plants, roots, or other large stuff in the bucket, because it will just be in the way. Make sure that you have more mud and water in your bucket than you will need to fill your soda bottle, then you can pack up and head home with your bucket of muck.

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