What is Heat Transfer?

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Activity #1: Radiation

  1. How does your body feel when you are standing in the shade? Why?

  2. What do you feel when you move and stand in a sunny area? Why?

  3. How would you define "heat transfer by radiation?"

Activity #2: Conduction

  1. How cool or warm does your palm feel when you touch your cheek?

  2. How does your palm feel as you leave it on a warm surface?

  3. When you touch your warmed palm to your cheek, is it similar or different from the first time?

  4. What do you think happened when you let your palm rest on a warm surface?

  5. How would you define "heat transfer by conduction?"

Activity #3: Convection

  1. What happens when you hold your paper spiral up away from the heat source?

  2. When you held your paper spiral over the heat source, what did you see happen?

  3. What do you think happened to that paper spiral as it got warmed up from the heat source?

  4. How would you define "heat transfer by convection?"

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