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Directions to Make a Solar Apple Baker!

  1. Line 12" X 18" piece of black construction paper with aluminum foil.

  2. Roll paper and aluminum foil into a cone with the foil on the inside. Tape edges.

  3. Place bottom of cone into the larger cup.

  4. Push crumpled up newspaper around the edges of the cup to keep the cone in place.

  5. Line the inside of the smaller cup with black paper.

  6. Place this lined cup down into the cone. This is your oven or apple container.

  7. Wash apple and cut into slices.

  8. Wrap apple slices with food wrap and place apple slices into cup.

  9. Set the cone and large cup on a ledge, counter, or table that gets plenty of sunlight.

  10. Bake your apple until cooked to your satisfaction.