Brain Injury

The brain in an adult is only 2% of the total body weight, but uses 20% of the blood supply. It must be IMPORTANT! Don't forget to read about good Brain Fitness.


Protect That BRAIN! - Mr. Egghead

For grades K-6

Whether you bike, skateboard, or rollerblade, it is a good idea to wear a helmet to protect your brain. To demonstrate this, get two eggs. Pretend that the egg shell is a skull and the inside of the egg is a brain. Spread some newspaper on the ground (it helps clean-up). Drop one of the eggs on the should was not wearing a helmet. Make a helmet for the second egg. This can be made of paper, styrofoam, or anything else that will cushion the egg. Drop the egg wearing the "helmet". Notice that it remained unbroken (we hope). This should reinforce the idea that wearing helmets while biking, skating, etc. is a good idea. Actually, if the eggs break while wearing the "helmet", it is a good chance to ask why...was the "helmet" unsafe? did the egg fall at an angle so that is was not protected? how would you make the best helmet? I have heard of people trying this experiment with a WATERMELON thrown off of a roof, but I have never tried it. I am sure that this demonstration would have a great "impact" on all those who watch.


For more information, MedicineNet News has an article about head injury and helmet use. The University of Waterloo also has a good report on the Anatomy of a Head Injury.


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