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TITLE:  Metamorphic Rock Pancakes

AUTHOR:  Merrillyn Herzog, Battle Mt. Nevada Elem., NV


OVERVIEW:  I wanted a way to help my students grasp and remember the
concept of metamorphic rocks.

PURPOSE:  In the Utah Science Core Curriculum we are required to teach
the three basic rock groups; and I wanted a concrete, hands-on way for
the students to remember how metamorphic rocks are made.

OBJECTIVE(s):  Student will be able to identify the properties of a
metamorphic rock.

RESOURCES/MATERIALS:  Griddle or frying pan, turner, and oil for griddle,
pancake batter; Assorted foods, some of which melt and some which don't,
such as:  raisins, coconut, marshmallows, nuts, chocolate chips, etc.
Plates and napkins

ACTIVITIES AND PROCEDURES:  When I begin my unit on rock groups I tell
the students they will be eating rocks at the conclusion of this unit.
(Remember the old phrase,"Go eat rocks!"?) I intentionally teach the
metamorphic rock group last.  After we have learned about how metamorphic
rocks are made and we have examined several examples of metamorphic rocks
and talked about the rock cycle, etc., I tell the students that they won't
want to miss tomorrow's lesson because we are going to make metamorphic
rocks and eat them.

  I bring the items listed below and then, depending on the age, either I
or the students make the "rocks" by pouring the pancake batter on the
griddle, putting the lid down,(if you have that kind of griddle), or
pressing down with the turner.  While we are doing this we review about heat
a pressure being needed to make metamorphic rocks.  In some of the "rocks"
we put different ingredients, some of which are listed below, to see how
igneous or sedimentary rocks change during the metamorphic process.

TYING IT ALL TOGETHER:  Naturally we eat the finished product!  Believe me,
no one forgets how metamorphic rocks are made after this lesson. So, try
eating "rocks"!

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