What is air?

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Recommended Age: Early and later Elementary


What is air? Can I see it? Does it take up space?

What you need:

What to do:

  1. Blow up one of the round balloons. Look at the blown-up balloon and the one that is not blown up. What is the difference in them? You filled up one balloon with air from inside your lungs. This is proof that air is in the balloon, and that air takes up space. Air filled up and pushed and pressed inside of the ballon to change its shape. The more air you blow in the balloon, the bigger it gets.

  2. Blow up the oblong balloon. Look at the difference between this balloon and the oblong balloon you did not blow up. We can see the same thing as before—air takes up space and, when we blow air into the balloon, it has to expand to hold it.

  3. Look at the two blown-up balloons. Why are they different shapes? We can see that air doesn't care what shape of balloon it goes into. Air will take the shape of whatever is holding it.

What is happening?

We can't really see air. Air is a mix of different gases.

Air will take on the shape of whatever thing it gets a chance to go into.

Air has weight.

Air goes in and out of our lungs everyday.

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