Making a Bird Mural


This lesson developed by Reach Out!

Recommended Age: Preschool and Early Elementary


Which kinds of birds can be found in the air, on the land, and in the water?

What You Need


What You Do

  1. Think about birds and where they live. Some birds can be found in water, on land or in the air.
  2. Use encyclopedias and bird books to see what different birds look like and what their habitat and places they live look like. For example, some land loving birds can be found in the desert, jungle, everglades, mountains, plains, woods or forests. Some water loving birds are found in streams and lakes, at oceans, and in icy and very hot places!
  3. Think about the kinds of habitats and birds you want to draw on your mural. You could have just birds that love the air and live in jungle regions or areas like where we live. You might have land, water and air birds from around your area or from around the world.
  4. Using your art supplies, sketch, draw and paint a mural of birds and their habitats.

What Is Happening

You are thinking about the bodies and shapes of different birds, which birds live in hot and cold places, wet or dry environments, near oceans or in a desert! Be sure your birds mhe habitat you make. Pay close attention to their body parts and what they are like. Do the birds of beaks or bills? Are their feet webbed or with toes and claws? Do they fly or swim? What size did you make their bodies and wings? Birds are wonderful creatures to study and learn about. Some are very colorful, others seem drab. Some are huge and some are teeny tiny! Birds are pretty neat.

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