Eggs Don't Break?

This lesson developed by Michelle M.
Recommended Ages: Preschool and Early Elementary

When won't an egg break?
Why doesn't the egg break?

What You Need

  1. 2 Eggs without any cracks
  2. Your hand!
  3. A sink

What You Do

  1. Pick up one egg.

  2. Hold your hand over a sink just in case the egg breaks!

  3. Place the egg in the center and palm of your hand.

  4. Close your fingers around the egg. Squeeze the egg as hard as you can.

What Is Happening

When we break an egg, we usually tap it against a hard surface to crack the egg's shell. When you were squeezing the egg, the force and pressure of your squeeze was being spread out over the whole surface of the eggshell. The egg is designed so it won't easily break in the outdoors and the wild. The egg's shape and its shell are made so it will protect the baby growing inside until it is ready to hatch and come out into the world. The egg is kind of like an arch with three dimensions. It is one of nature's strongest architectural designs!