What is Water?

This lesson developed by Reach Out!

Recommended Age: Preschool and Early Elementary


What is water?
What is the shape of water?

What You Need

What You Do

  1. Pour water into one of the containers. Can you see the water? What shape is the water? What color is the water? How does the water smell?

  2. Pour water into the rest of the containers.

What Is Happening

We can see that water is wet, it doesn't have any real color, and it doesn't have any real smell to it. And, we have different shapes and sizes of containers. Water doesn't have any shape of its own. It will fill up and take on the shape of whatever co ntainer it goes into.

Think some more about water. It is the most common substance on our planet. Every living thing and animal or creature needs water in order to live. Water comes onto our earth in the form of rain, sleet, snow, and hail. Water moves around our earth by way of rivers, streams and creeks, ponds, oceans, lakes. Water also sinks into the earth and is what we call ground water.

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