Reach Out! 12/98 Progress Report:
Appendix A: Volunteer Mentors from Fall 1997 through Fall 1998

These charts give breakdowns suggesting who our 224 mentors were and where they came from. They have been largely undergraduate students from the College of Literature, Science and the Arts, with significant representation from graduate students and from the College of Engineering, as well as a smattering of volunteers from 10 other schools, colleges, or divisions. At least 36% were minorities and 60% were women.

Mentors by status, 88% undergrads, 11% grad students, etc. Mentors by race, 38% white, 17% black, 16% Asian, 25% unidentified
Mentors by gender, 60% female, 40% male Mentors by college, 52% LSA, 36% CoE, 6% Rackham, 9 others

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