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Who We Are: Greg Spooner

Greg and kids dissecting eyeballs Greg, an Assistant Research Scientist at the Center for Ultrafast Optical Science (CUOS), has contributed to K-12 Outreach for about three years. Because his professional specialty has been the development of medical lasers, particularly those applicable to ophthalmic surgery, Greg has two specialties in his outreach work: he explains and demonstrates the workings of his lasers and how they can go through the outer layer of a material (or an eye) to ablate matter inside at the focal point of the beam, and he trains club volunteers and helps children in science clubs with the dissection of cow eyes in order to examine the inner structure of eyes.
During the summer of 1999, Greg was a provider in the first CUOS Research Experiences for Teachers program. He explained his research, let participants set up and use a laser, and helped us with our dissection of cow eyes.

Carol, Aarti, and Greg dissect
Greg shows Karyl his laser
Showing Carol and Aarti the parts of an eye Helping Karyl to set a laser to etch the inside of a glass slide without scratching its outer surfaces

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