Mentoring at Chapelle Elementary

Reach Out! recruits for and coordinates a mentoring program at Chapelle Elementary School in Ypsilanti. Mentors work with the same small group of first-third graders, for at least a semester, once a week for an hour. They help with homework, explore math, share stories, and practice reading with word cards. The children stay after school voluntarily because their teachers have identified them as needing extra help.
If you want to mentor but don't feel comfortable with the subject matter of high school math and science courses, this may be the setting for you!

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Program Coordinators
Volunteers for 1997-98 included a contingent from UM's chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers, plus some "freelancers" from the university. They will be back in 1998-99 to work with the same children, but we hope to bring in another set of volunteers to start with a new, younger group. If you are an interested NSBE member, please contact coordinator Cherita Hunter at Non-NSBE volunteers are also most welcome and should contact UM staff coordinator Joyce Sutton at
If you have unanswered questions, please contact us!

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Last updated 25 Aug 98