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Resources for Mentors & Mentoring Programs

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Links to Mentoring Information Sites

America’s Promise
Council on Foundations
The Foundation Center
Mission Fish
National Dropout Prevention Center/Network
National Mentoring Center
The National Mentoring Partnership
Nonprofit Risk Management Center
Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
Volunteer Match
Who Mentored You?
Yes, You Can - A guide for establishing mentoring programs to prepare youth for college

Child Development, Teaching and Learning Theory

Stages of Development: Birth to Eight Years
Ages and Stages: Development in Six-through-Eight Year Olds
8 Keys to Youth Development
Bill Huitt’s excellent Overview of Cognitive Development Theory
Developmental Principles and Terms - Physical (Gesell), Affective (Erikson), Moral (Kohlberg, Gilligan), Cognitive (Piaget, Vygotsky) Development theories
Theories of Child Development and Learning - maturationist, environmentalist, and constructivist
Applications of Piagetian theory to teaching
Instructional Design & Learning Theory - behaviorism, cognitivism, and constructivism applied to instructional design
50 learning theories summarized - the Theory Into Practice (TIP) database contains descriptions of 50 theories relevant to human learning and instruction. Each description includes the following sections: overview, scope/application, example, principles, and references.

Resources for Personal Problems

Contacts for learning disabilities, substance abuse, eating disorders, suicide prevention, domestic violence, grief support, and more.

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