1999-2000 CUOS K-12 Education Outreach Program Progress Report
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VI. Appendices

Appendix B. Scope and Sequence of Goals

Building a Math-Science Learning Community

Goal: Establish a "learning community" to support teachers and students in science education and students in personal discovery.


  1. Hands-On Science: Work with teachers to identify and implement demonstrations and hands-on activities to deepen understanding of curricular topics that their children have not seemed to grasp, as measured by achievement testing.
  2. Academic Mentoring: Support high school students in continuing, one-on-one relationships through their technical course work, ideally in the classroom with the teacher present after school.
  3. Students as Teachers: Assist students in becoming teaching assistants ("wizards"), providing classroom demonstrations or assisting teachers with curriculum-related hands-on activities within classrooms.
  4. Personal Discovery: Guide children in technology-assisted self-analysis and career exploration, through career clubs, workshops, or other formats. Work with teachers and parents to help them use career resources, accessing information, making arrangements for field trips and individual job shadowing experiences.
  5. Students as Scientists: Recruit and match interested children with mentors to help them plan, conduct, and share scientific research and experiments. Explore a framework for granting "community resource" credit for such work. Plan Science Forums at which student investigators can share their research and results.

Sites: Schools, church-based community centers, recreation centers, teen clubs, other community centers

Program Elements

Elementary School

Middle School

High School
 Hands-On Science with Teachers in Classrooms - Schools  

After-School Hands-On Science Clubs - Schools, Churches, Community Centers 
Personal Discovery - Clubs, Mentors, Workshops
Children as Teachers - Partnered with Teachers and/or Clubs
Students as Scientists, including Science Forums
Academic Mentoring
Celebration Events for Clubs and Wizards
Workshops for Parents, Teachers, Community on Learning, Careers, etc.

Appendix C. Web-Site Home Page

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  A. Mission, Goals, Strategies   D. 1999-2000 Program Summaries
  B. Structure and Funding III. Academic and Career Mentoring Programs
  C. Summary of Outcomes   A. Program Description and Goals
  D. Five-Year Program Summaries   B. Program Implementation and Plans
I. Learning Communities: Overview     1. Pioneer High School
  A. Pontiac: Accomplishments and Plans     2. Slauson Middle School
  B. Ypsilanti: Accomplishments and Plans     3. The Neutral Zone
    1. Community Church of God     4. Owen Elementary School
    2. George Elementary School     5. Camp Discovery
    3. Grant Explorations   C. Anecdotal Evaluations
  C. Ann Arbor: Accomplishments and Plans   D. 1999-2000 Program Summaries
    1. Science Clubs IV. Technology
    2. Career Mentoring   A. Technology Implementation
    3. Academic Mentoring   B. Usage Statistics
    4. Possible New Church Involvement   C. Anecdotal Feedback
    5. Evidence of Systemic Change V. Research Experiences for Teachers
II. Science Clubs   A. Program Description and Goals
  A. Program Description and Goals   B. Program Implementation for RET 2000
  B. Program Implementation at Sites   C. Continuation of RET 1999
    1. Community Centers VI. Appendices
    2. Community Church of God   A. Organizational Chart
    3. George Elementary School   B. Scope and Sequence of Goals
    4. Owen Elementary School   C. Web-Site Home Page
  C. Anecdotal Evaluations   D. Partners List

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