1999-2000 CUOS K-12 Education Outreach Program Progress Report
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VI. Appendices

Appendix D. Coalition Partners List, 9/2000

Partners Listed by Organization Type and by Contribution

Everyone in our coalition is part of the virtual village trying to raise all our children. Many of us have never met but we are all part of this common enterprise. We list as partners anyone whose resources we use or link to from our Web site. This does not mean that they provide funding for the coalition or that we are trying to take credit for their work. Today's technology allows us to access resources all over the world, so why reinvent or replicate the good work of others?

Business Community
Government Higher
Individual K-12 Education Professional

  Business Subtotal: 104
  Organization Last Name Contribution Elaboration
1. 3M: Newton's Apple   lessons  
2. Anesthesia Associates Rivard job shadowing  
3. Ann Arbor Area Chamber of Commerce Leslie job shadowing,
4. Apple Computer, Inc.   technical info  
5. Apple Learning Exchange   lessons,
extension info
Mars Polar Lander
6. Arts & Scraps   tour  
7. Auto Vision Art Studio Whitfield job shadowing  
8. Big Boy Central Kitchens   tour  
9. Birder.com   extension info  
10. Bowbeer Orthodontics Bowbeer presentation  
11. Cable News Network   extension info CNN Weather
12. Center for New Discoveries in Learning   college/career info Personal Learning Style Inventory
13. Chelsea Milling Co.   tour  
14. Citizens Commercial & Savings Bank Williams, M. presentation,
15. Consumers Energy   lessons In Concert with the Environment unit
16. Cottage Inn   food donation for camp  
17. Creative Classroom Consulting McKenzie extension info Multiple Intelligences Survey
18. Daimler-Chrysler: Proving Grounds   tour  
19. Detroit Edison Vandekerckhove job shadowing  
20. Detroit Edison   lessons,
computer donations
In Concert with the Environment unit
21. Detroit Edison: Fermi 2 Power Plant   tour  
22. Detroit News & Detroit Free Press   tour  
23. Detroit Receiving Hospital Fleming presentation  
24. Discovery Channel Online   virtual expeditions,
extension info
25. Dominos Pizza   food donation for camp  
26. Encyclopedia Brittanica   extension info On-line encyclopedia
27. Evergreen Project, Inc.   lessons,
extension info
Biome Exchange
28. Family Counseling Svcs.-Teen Ranch, Inc. Walden presentation  
29. First Indepence National Bank Mann job shadowing,
30. First of America Harris presentation  
31. Ford: Dearborn Tool & Die Plant   tour  
32. Ford Motor Co. Kpeglo presentation  
33. Ford: Spirit of Ford Science Center   tour, free tickets for clubs  
34. Fourmilab Walker extension info Earth & Moon Viewer, Solar System Live, Your Sky
35. Frank Potter's Science Gems   extension info  
36. FreeSkills.com   extension info Tutorials
37. Gamma Tau Assoc., Inc.   lessons  
38. Genentech Natl. Health Museum   lessons Access Excellence lessons
39. General Motors: Flint Truck Assembly Plant   tour  
40. GLP & Associates Goldman presentation  
41. Golfside Shell Ahearn tour,
job shadowing
42. Good Earth Graphics   virtual tour Virtual Cave
43. Heavens-Above.com   extension info Satellite, space station, and shuttle spotting
44. Houghton Mifflin Company   lessons,
virtual field trips
45. How the WeatherWorks   interactive research National Sky Awareness Week
46. Humorous Design Group Swift presentation  
47. Huntington Management Wiley job shadowing,
48. Huron Valley Child Guidance Clinic Carter presentation  
49. InfoPeople.com   extension info Search engines explained
50. Integrating the Internet Hixson lesson links  
51. Intel Corp.   lessons,
extension info
Inside the Computer
52. International Cosmetics Graham presentation  
53. iTools.com   extension info Research-It! references
54. Jerry's Painting McMahon job shadowing,
career mentoring
55. Jones Telecommunications   technical info  
56. Keirsey.com   college/career info Keirsey Character & Temperament Sorters
57. Lakeview Manor Garcia job shadowing,
58. Learn the Net   technical info  
59. Majher Communications Majher presentation,
job shadowing
60. Maturo Pediatric Dentistry Maturo job shadowing  
61. M-Den   materials donation  
62. Media Station Stinson tour,
63. Meijer   materials donation  
64. Merit Network, Inc.   technical info, lessons Michigan Teacher Network
65. Mervyn's Dept. Store Shoemaker, G. job shadowing  
66. Metaltec Wood presentation  
67. Monash Information Services Barlow technical info Spider's Apprentice
68. Mountain Travel-Sobek and WorldTravel Partners   on-line activities,
extension info
Terra Quest Virtual Expeditions
69. MSX International Navarro presentation  
70. National Geographic   extension info Virtual Autopsy
71. Nomads Adventure & Education   interactive research Qimuksiit 2000 Online Classroom
72. North Oakland Med. Ctr. Living-Hawley presentation  
73. Northwest Continuing Care Center Tolliver presentation  
74. Nye Labs Online   lessons Bill Nye the Science Guy lessons
75. Olen Publishing   extension info Food Finder
76. Pacific Bell Knowledge Network   lessons Filamentality
77. Parke-Davis Bristol job shadowing  
78. PDRS Computer Systems   extension info,
School Page science sites, including Ask an Expert
79. Princeton Review   college/career info Birkman Career Profile
80. Private Eye   lessons,
extension info
81. Project Development Services Porter presentation  
82. Qimuksiit   online expedition  
83. Quill Graphics   extension info Cells Alive!
84. Rader's Kapili.com   lessons  
85. Road Scholars Online with Jeeves   interactive research  
86. Ross Periodontics Ross, S. job shadowing  
87. Scholastic, Inc.   lessons,
extension info,
on-line projects
88. Science Applications Internatl. Corp.: Athena Consortium   lessons,
extension info
89. Sea World   presentation,
extension info
90. Sobbry's Towing Sobbry presentation,
job shadowing
91. Sterling Software   extension info EarthWatch Weather
92. Studio360   tour Journey through Tikal Virtual Tour
93. StudyWeb   lessons  
94. Sunesis Financial Svcs. Harrison job shadowing  
95. Sure-Flo Fittings   tour  
96. Untamed Tan Williams, C. job shadowing  
97. Up at Six Aviaries   extension info  
98. Video Source Spensley tour,
job shadowing
99. Web Development, Workshops, & Consulting Services   extension info BioChemNet
100. WebDirectory.com   extension info  
101. WKBD-Channel 50   tour  
102. Yahoo     Yahooligans
103. Yucky.com   extension info Bug World, Worm World
104. Zingerman's Deli   food donation for camp  

  Community Nonprofit Subtotal: 25
  Organization Last Name Contribution Elaboration
105. AIMS Foundation   lessons  
106. Amer. Lung Assn. of Michigan Ross, T. job shadowing  
107. Arbor Hospice Reading-Smith presentation,
job shadowing
108. Bethel AME Church    funding  
109. Catholic Social Svcs. Lande tour,
job shadowing,
110. Community Church of God   transportation funding  
111. Earth Island Institute   extension info Projects and References
112. Franciscan Sisters of the Atonement Hackett presentation  
113. Howard Dell Community Center Martinez job shadowing,
114. Howard Hughes Medical Institute   extension info Seeing, Hearing and Smelling the World
115. Huron Valley Ambulance Jackson presentation,
community ed. progs.
116. Kellogg Foundation Odden, T. presentation,
117. Kiwanis - Downtown Ann Arbor   funding, career mentoring  
118. McAuley Commons Osayimwese presentation  
119. Missouri Botanical Garden   extension info  
120. National Audubon Society   tour,
extension info,
interactive research
Corkscrew Swamp Virtual Nature Walk, Heading North migration-tracking project, Audubon Online
121. National Public Radio   extension info,
on-line activities,
on-line science mentors
Science Friday
122. Neutral Zone - Ann Arbor teen club Dengiz funding, mentoring site  
123. Oregon Museum of Science & Industry   lessons Air Travelers lessons
124. Ozone House Lee presentation  
125. Project Grow Asher presentation  
126. SAFE House Frederick-Toure presentation  
127. Twin Cities Public TV: Newton's Apple   lessons  
128. Ventura County Science Fair   extension info Science Fair Ideas
129. Yankee Air Museum   tour  

  Educational Nonprofit Subtotal: 33
  Organization Last Name Contribution Elaboration
130. Access Excellence   interactive research, extension info, lessons Online science mysteries, science fair step-by-step
131. American Optometric Association   lessons About Your Eyes lessons
132. Annenberg/CPB Projects   lessons Teachers Lab
133. Bear Den Middleton extension info  
134. Earth & Sky   interactive research  
135. Eccles Institute of Human Genetics   extension info Natural History of Genes
136. Ecology Center of Ann Arbor   extension info,
137. Educational Software Cooperative   technical info  
138. EdWeb Carvin technical info  
139. Electronic Frontier Foundation Templeton extension info Copyright info and myths
140. Electronic Privacy Information Center   technical info  
141. Franklin Institute Science Museum   extension info BioPoint Hotlists of Biology Resources, Earth Science Resources, Rocks & Minerals, EarthForce
142. FrogLand   extension info  
143. Global Earthquake Response Center   extension info  
144. Global Schoolhouse   technical info  
145. Grand Canyon Explorer Ribokas on-line activities,
extension info
146. Gulf of Maine Aquarium   extension info  
147. Hummingbirds.net extension info
148. Internet Public Library   lessons,
extension info
Science Fair Project Resource Guide, Pathfinders
149. Inventure Place   extension info  
150. Miami Museum of Science   extension info,
on-line activities,
Hurricane: Storm Science
151. Midwest Public Garden Collaborative   extension info,
on-line activities,
Partners for Growing
152. National Speleological Society Bunnell extension info Virtual Cave
153. National Wildlife Federation   extension info Animal Tracks On-Line
154. North Central Regional Educ. Lab   technical info  
155. Online Safety Project Magid technical info  
156. Paleo Ring   extension info Dinosauria On-Line
157. San Francisco Exploratorium Museum   extension info,
on-line activities
158. School Zone   extension info Child-safe search engine
159. SETI Institute   extension info  
160. Song of the Whale   extension info  
161. Southern California Earthquake Center   extension info  
162. Teacher Education Research Center   research projects project ideas for improving education
163. Teachers.Net   lessons  
164. Tech Corps   technical info webTeacher
165. Tech Museum of Innovation   lessons,
extension info
DNA: Instruction Manual for Life
166. Think Quest   extension info Living Africa
167. Whales in Danger Information Service   extension info Whales on the Net

  Government Subtotal: 56
  Organization Last Name Contribution Elaboration
168. Ann Arbor Fire Dept. Scarbrough tour,
169. Ann Arbor Materials Recovery Facility   tour  
170. Ann Arbor Township Fire Department   tour  
171. BIOSIS   interactive research Virtual conference on genetic screening
172. Calif. Energy Commission   lessons Energy Quest lessons & science projects
173. City of Calgary   college/career info nextNET
174. City of Pontiac Cantu job shadowing  
175. City of Pontiac Cayton-Grigsby job shadowing  
176. City of Pontiac: Collier Road Landfill   tour  
177. City of Pontiac Fire Dept. Hilborn presentation,
178. City of Pontiac Police Dept. Daves job shadowing,
179. Detroit Police Stables   tour  
180. Eddy Geology Center   tour  
181. Eisenhower Natl. Clearinghouse for Math & Science Education   extension info,
182. Environment Canada   extension info,
on-line activities
183. FrogWeb   interactive research  
184. High-Energy Astrophysics Learning Center   lessons,
extension info,
on-line projects
Imagine the Universe, Star-Child
185. Jefferson Lab   extension info Interactive Table of Elements
186. Lake Orion Police Dept. Standal tour,
187. Lawrence Berkeley Natl. Lab   lessons ABC's of Nuclear Science, Interactive Tour of the Atom
188. Louisiana Challenge Grant   lessons  
189. Michigan Dept. of Education   extension info Science standards and benchmarks
190. Michigan Historical Museum   tour  
191. Michigan State Capitol   tour  
192. Military Service Information Station   college/career info Interest Finder Quiz
193. NASA Earth Science Enterprise   on-line activities,
extension info
194. NASA IMAGERS   interactive research Echo the Bat
195. NASA Passport to Knowledge   interactive research Live from the Sun 2000, from the Storm, from Antarctica, from the Hubble Space Telescope, from Mars, from the Rainforest, from the Poles
196. NASA Quest   presentation,
extension info,
K-12 Internet Initiative, Mars Team Online, Space Team Online
197. NASA SEGway   lessons,
extension info
Science Education Gateway
198. NASA Shuttle Web Wolf extension info Letters from Space
199. NASA Solid Earth & Natural Hazards Program   extension info Disaster! Finder
200. NASA's Observatorium   extension info  
201. National Biological Information Infrastructure   extension info  
202. Natl. Inst. of Standards & Technology   extension info Physical Ref. Data, Chem. Web Book
203. National Science Foundation   major funding,
extension info,
interactive research
National Science & Technology Week, Arthropods of La Selva, Science Learning Network, Whale Net
204. NOAA/Forecast Systems Laboratory   interactive research GLOBE
205. North Carolina National Estuarine Research Reserve   tour Estuary Virtual Tour
206. Oakland County Commission Causey-Mitchell presentation  
207. Pontiac City Council Seay job shadowing  
208. Smithsonian Institution   lessons,
extension info
Seeds of Change Garden, Gem & Mineral Collection, Natural History Museum Virtual Tour
209. Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility   extension info Interactive Table of Elements
210. Toledo Zoo   lessons, kits,
extension info,
visits to your site
EdVenture Outreach Programs
211. US Agricultural Research Service   lessons Science4Kids
212. US Army Corps of Engineers Detroit District   extension info  
213. US Army ROTC Blanton presentation  
214. US Army ROTC McGuire presentation  
215. US Dept. of Defense, Defense Logistics Agency Odden, R. presentation  
216. US Fish and Wildlife Service   extension info  
217. US Geological Survey   lessons,
extension info
Learning Web, Ask a Geologist, Cascades Volcano Observatory, Earthquake Info Center, Maps of Geological Hazards, Endangered Species slide show, Childrenšs Butterfly Site
218. US House of Representatives Rivers presentation  
219. US Navy ROTC Riordan presentation  
220. US Navy ROTC Ringle presentation  
221. US Postal Service Frey presentation,
job shadowing
222. Utah State Office of Education   lessons UtahLink
223. Washtenaw County Parks & Rec. Heumann presentation,
job shadowing

  Higher Education Subtotal: 89
  Organization Last Name Contribution Elaboration
224. Abilene Christian University   lessons Geography lesson collection
225. Assn. of Universities for Research in Astronomy   lessons,
on-line projects
Amazing Space
226. Bad Science Frasier extension info  
227. Cambridge University   lessons Science & Plants for Schools
228. Center for Improved Engineering and Science Education   interactive research Global Sun/Temperature Project, Global Water Sampling Proj.; Human Genetics Proj.; Internatl. Boiling Point Project
229. Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology   extension info Library of Natural Sounds
230. Cornell University   extension info Math and Science Gateway, Mycology Resources
231. Earth Science Australia   extension info  
232. Eastern Michigan University   tour  
233. Helsinki Institute of Physics   extension info Whale Watching Web
234. Illinois Institute of Technology   lessons,
extension info
235. Indiana University of Pennsylvania   extension info Pennsylvania Elk Herd, The Searching Wolf
236. Librarians' Index to the Internet   extension info  
236. Mankato State University Morano lessons,
extension info
Science Projects
238. Marietta College   extension info Bibliographic Searching of Cell and Molecular Biology on the Internet
239. Michigan Institute of Aeronautics Robinson tour,
240. Mississippi State University   extension info,
O. Orkin Insect Zoo
241. MSU 4-H Extension   extension info Tree Identification Guide
242. NASA Hawaii Space Grant Consortium   lessons,
extension info
Exploring Planets in the Classroom
243. North Carolina State University Felder college/career info Index of Learning Styles
244. Oregon State University   extension info Fun with Lichens
245. Pennsylvania State University   extension info,
college/career info,
Weather Page
246. Princeton Plasma Physics Lab   lessons,
extension info
Interactive Physics site, Ask-a-Scientist
247. Rutgers University   lessons Morgan Genetics Tutorial
248. Swarthmore College   lessons,
extension info
249. Syracuse University   technical info Kids Web
250. Syrcuse University Goldman extension info Dinosaur Illustrations
251. Texas A & M University   tour,
Big Bend Natl. Park Virtual Tour; School Gardens
252. UM Aerospace Engin. Dept. Powell presentation  
253. UM AOSS Dept.   tour Weather Underground
254. UM Artificial Intelligence Lab Kopmanis job shadowing  
255. UM Biomed. Engin. Dept. Goldstein presentation  
256. UM Biomed. Engin. Dept. Hill presentation  
257. UM Center for Research on Learning and Teaching   college/career info  
258. UM Chem. Engin. Dept. Colarossi presentation  
259. UM Chem. Engin. Dept. Ingall presentation  
260. UM Chemical Engin. Dept.   tour  
261. UM Chemistry Dept.   tour  
262. UM Ctr. for Ultrafast Optical Science Nees presentation,
job shadowing
263. UM Ctr. for Ultrafast Optical Science   tour  
264. UM EECS Dept. Wait presentation  
265. UM Exhibit Museum of Natural History   tour  
266. UM Hospitals Hayes job shadowing  
267. UM Hospitals   tour  
268. UM Human Genetics Dept.   tour  
269. UM Kelsey Museum of Archaeology   tour  
270. UM Med. Science Training Prog. Humke tour,
job shadowing
271. UM Medical School Myers presentation,
job shadowing
272. UM Medical School   tour  
273. UM Medical School Colligan tour,
job shadowing
274. UM Memorial Phoenix Project Reactor   tour  
275. UM Museum of Anthropology   tour  
276. UM Museum of Zoology   tour,
extension info
Animal Diversity Web
277. UM Naval Arch. & Marine Eng. Dept.   tour  
278. UM Nichols Arboretum   tour  
279. UM Off. of V. P. for Univ. Relations Clarke presentation  
280. UM Photo Services Goings presentation  
281. UM School of Dentistry May presentation  
282. UM School of Public Health Artis job shadowing  
283. UM WUOM Radio Station   tour  
284. Umea University, Sweedn   lessons,
extension info
Chemistry Teaching Resources
285. Universities of Kansas and Minnesota   extension info,
interactive research
Monarch Watch
286. University California, Irvine   lessons Web Quests
287. University California, San Diego, Supercomputing Center   extension info EarthRISE
288. University of Alaska Space Grant Consortium   extension info,
289. University of Antwerp   extension info Arachnology Hub
290. University of Arizona   lessons Biology Project lessons, Marine Discovery
291. University of California, Berkeley   lessons,
technical info
Physics Lecture Demonstrations, Finding Info on the Net Tutorial, Intro to Fungi
292. University of California, Berkeley, Space Sciences Laboratory   interactive research SETI at Home
293. University of Chicago   tour Yerkes Observatory Virtual Tour
294. University of Colorado   lessons,
extension info
Interactive Physics 2000, Visible Human databases
295. University of Connecticut   extension info Biological Collections, Orthoptera Species File Online
296. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign   lessons  
297. University of Michigan Herbarium   extension info UM Fungus Collection
298. University of Michigan Space Grant Consortium   extension info,
on-line activities
299. University of Minnesota   lessons,
technical info
Rainbow Lab in optics and calculus, Web66
300. University of North Dakota   extension info,
on-line activities,
Volcano World
301. University of Oklahoma Carr presentation,
Ctr. for Analysis & Prediction of Storms
302. University of Pennsylvania Arnett extension info,
college/career info
Nine Planets Multimedia Tour, Self-Assessment
303. University of Queensland   extension info Nanoworld Image Gallery
304. University of Tennessee, Knoxville   lessons,
extension info
Math Archives
305. University of Virginia   extension info Interactive Frog Dissection
306. University of Virginia Center for Biological Timing   interactive research  
307. University of Washington Chudler lessons,
extension info
Neuroscience for Kids activities
308. Valdosta State University Huitt extension info Overview of intelligence
309. University of Waterloo   college/career info Career Development Manual
310. Washtenaw Community College   tour  
311. Western Michigan University   lessons Cellular and Molecular Biology labs
312. Wheelock College   extension info Whale Net

  Individual (most are listed elsewhere under their work places) Subtotal: 40
  Organization Last Name Contribution Elaboration
313.   Patrick, D. banner donation  
314.   Casey, D. career club presentation  
315.   Clark, G. career club presentation  
316.   Dwyer, B. career club presentation  
317.   Stewart, Q. career club presentation  
318.   Hamann, D. camp coordination  
319.   Raheja, A. camp coordination  
320.   Graham, C. camp donation  
321.   Graham, M. camp donation  
322.   McCartney, A. & L. camp donation  
323.   Toth, M. camp donation  
324. UM Athletic Dept. Brightwell, B. camp presentation  
325. UM Formula Car Team Bruno & Jeff camp presentation  
326.   Dean, A. camp presentation  
327. UM Carillons Halsted, M. camp presentation  
328. UM Aerospace Labs Laird, D. camp presentation  
329. UM Marching Band Matt , Greg, Michelle, & Zack camp presentation  
330.   McCartney, D. camp presentation  
331. Tom Mac's Photography McCartney, T. & S. camp presentation  
332.   Conboy, M. & M. camp transportation  
333. mycoElectronica Dhabolt extension info  
334. Wildlife Web Knight extension info  
335. Froggy Page Loosemore extension info  
336. New-teacher site Renard extension info, lessons, chat area for teachers  
337. ExploreScience.com Pfaff interactive demos  
338.   Roberts job shadowing  
339.   Lamkin, B. presentation, job shadowing  
340.   Lamkin, S. job shadowing, presentation  
341.   Bartlett presentation  
342.   Brown presentation  
343.   Eggert, P. science club mentor  
344.   Frye, B. science club mentor  
345.   Morse, L. science club mentor  
346.   Hartweg tour  

  K-12 Education Subtotal: 17
  Organization Last Name Contribution Elaboration
347. Athena Earth & Space Science for K-12   lessons,
extension info
348. Cariboo Hill Secondary School, Canada   lessons,
extension info
Visual Physics
349. Carminati Elem. School, AZ   tour Desert Botanical Garden Virtual Tour
350. Chelsea Schools: Chelsea HS Ott job shadowing  
351. Great Lakes Collaborative   extension info,
Explorer Educational Resources
352. Hockinson School District Kramer extension info,
on-line activities
Black Hole Gang
353. Pontiac Schools: Alcott ES Bastuba job shadowing  
354. Pontiac Schools: Bd. of Educ. Causey-Mitchell presentation  
355. Pontiac Schools: Northern HS Staab presentation,
job shadowing
356. Pontiac Schools: Owen ES Hightower job shadowing  
357. Pontiac Schools: Owen ES Smith, B. job shadowing  
358. Pontiac Schools: Rogers ES Kotcher presentation  
359. Pontiac Schools: Whitmer
Human Resources Ctr.
MacQuarrie tour,
job shadowing
360. Science Resource Center Gormley lessons,
extension info
361. Shady Hill School. MA   tour Rainforest Virtual Tour
362. Target Science   tour Los Angeles River Virtual Tour
363. Wayne RESA Outdoor Environmental Educ. Ctr.   tour  

  Professional Organization Subtotal: 7
  Organization Last Name Contribution Elaboration
364. American Association for the Advancement of Science   extension info,
on-line activities
365. American Chemical Society   lessons,
extension info
Chemistry in the Community lessons
366. National Academy of Sciences   Natl. Science Standards  
367. National Cable Television Assn.   technical info  
368. National School Boards Assn.   technical info Electronic School
369. Natl. Council of Teachers of Mathematics   extension info,
prof. publications,
370. Natl. Science Teachers Assn.   extension info,

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  C. Summary of Outcomes   A. Program Description and Goals
  D. Five-Year Program Summaries   B. Program Implementation and Plans
I. Learning Communities: Overview     1. Pioneer High School
  A. Pontiac: Accomplishments and Plans     2. Slauson Middle School
  B. Ypsilanti: Accomplishments and Plans     3. The Neutral Zone
    1. Community Church of God     4. Owen Elementary School
    2. George Elementary School     5. Camp Discovery
    3. Grant Explorations   C. Anecdotal Evaluations
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    2. Career Mentoring   A. Technology Implementation
    3. Academic Mentoring   B. Usage Statistics
    4. Possible New Church Involvement   C. Anecdotal Feedback
    5. Evidence of Systemic Change V. Research Experiences for Teachers
II. Science Clubs   A. Program Description and Goals
  A. Program Description and Goals   B. Program Implementation for RET 2000
  B. Program Implementation at Sites   C. Continuation of RET 1999
    1. Community Centers VI. Appendices
    2. Community Church of God   A. Organizational Chart
    3. George Elementary School   B. Scope and Sequence of Goals
    4. Owen Elementary School   C. Web-Site Home Page
  C. Anecdotal Evaluations   D. Partners List

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