Arrowwood Hills Community Center
2002-2003 Science Club


We meet on Wednesday evenings from 4:30-5:30.


2566 Arrowwood; north Ann Arbor [map]


Want to join us? E-mail Bridget Briley or Sam Lulla to set up an orientation!
Nicole Brad Jane
pushups the group outdoors

After studying our muscles,
we put them to work!


Some of the Things We’ve Done

The Scientific Method Muscles
Straight from the Heart Nutrition
Airplanes, Gliders Pulleys
Christie Making a
Model Neuron
Skeletal System,
Soft Bones
Heart Attack
Lung Model
Rebecca and Steph
Introduction to
Simple Machines


Huron Valley Ambulance, Martin Philbert
at the museum at the museum at the museum

Field trip to the Hands-On Museum: doing experiments

Comments from Participants

“I realize now how much intelligence and potential children really possess. And I know now how much time they need with us and other adults to encourage and support them. They need much more time than we are giving them.” - Sharnae, School of Architecture undergrad
“We really need to support community centers and programs like this all of our lives. I never really had even thought about this before. I’m glad I had the chance to experience this.” - Bryn, LS&A undergrad
“I think that I learned how valuable it is to have mentors and role models in your life.” - Andrea, College of Engineering undergrad
“I really enjoyed the human body lab. I can’t get over what the children don’t know about their own bodies.” - Michele, LS&A undergrad, Psych 350 student
“I see the importance of community centers. This experience has made me think about teaching, maybe. I wouldn’t have thought much about that without doing this.” - Daniel, LS&A undergrad, Psych 350 student
“I realize that you really need to come to the program every week and see the children a lot to make a difference in their lives.” - Dawn, LS&A undergrad, Psych 350 student
“I realize now ... it is not only the responsibility of the family, but of the whole community as well to make sure that children are given as many avenues as possible for help and encouragement.” - Ronda, LS&A undergrad, Psych 350 student
ambulance heart dissection heart dissection
Dissecting a calf heart
Inside an ambulance  
exploring breathing and asthma

Learning about asthma with straws, honey, and balloons


What We Do

We spend time every week with elementary school kids doing fun, hands-on science activities. You don’t have to be a science genius to help out—it’s perfectly okay to learn along with the kids! We want them to realize that (1) they are capable of learning science, (2) science is fun, and (3) science is everywhere (in the food they eat, how their bodies work, the weather, etc.)
But, most importantly, we spend regular time with the same children—paying attention to them, caring about them, and giving them good role models to look up to. If you think about how busy parents are these days, you’ll realize how much this kind of individual mentoring relationship can mean to them—and to you.
If you are looking for a sense of community, a way to make friends, an opportunity to get off campus and outside of yourself in order to make a difference for others, then this is the program for you!

The Commitment

A 10-week commitment is important in order to really establish relationships with the kids.
If you are unsure, don’t hesitate to correspond with a club coordinator by e-mail. Their enthusiasm is infectious!

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