Community Church of God Opportunity
Center 1999-2000 Science Club



Tuesday evenings from 5:00-7:00, including transportation time


565 Jefferson Street (west of 1st Street, south side of Ypsilanti). Van transportation is provided from and to the C.C. Little area of central campus [map]


This club is no longer active. Please check out our other sites for more volunteer opportunities!


It is important that you make an 8-week commitment so that you can really establish relationships with the kids.

What We Do

We spend time every week with elementary school kids doing fun, hands-on science activities and helping with homework. You don't have to be a science genius to help out—we'll give you a copy of the lesson and the basic facts and information.

We want kids to realize that (1) they are capable of learning science, (2) science is fun, and (3) science is everywhere (in the food they eat, the weather, etc.) But, most importantly, we are spending time with the kids—paying attention to them, caring about them, and giving them good role models to look up to. As crazy as it can get, spending an hour each week making a mess is actually quite a good stress reliever!

Some Activities We've Done


Leaf Painting

Rocket Car

Dissecting Eyeballs

Exploring Tendons with Chicken Feet

Fruit-kabobs and Nutrition

Bones and Structure

Comments from Participants

"When a lesson sparks a child's interest, the experience is unforgettable." - Danae, LS&A undergrad, Pre-Med Club member

"I love working with children and I hope to make a career out of it now. This experience was very helpful to realize the different learning styles of youngsters. Things have changed even since I was at their ages and levels." - Matt, LS&A undergrad
"What impacted me the most? Realizing how little attention these children get—at least that is how I feel. And they want so much attention." - Matt
"I know now that I will definitely continue to volunteer in whatever community I move into in my life. These programs are very important and the whole community needs to be involved. I also enjoyed being with my friends doing this." - Kristine, LS&A undergrad
"I see how important it is for people in a community, a business or a college to get out and volunteer and be involved. Our kids and their families need more support than they are getting." - Danae
"It has been great to experience the lives of others in the community and to see what issues they deal with. We sure do need to figure out ways to work together for these children. This program also let me work with and see my own friends, too. We have all grown from this." - Kristin, LS&A undergrad
"I feel like since I am an only child, I have limited experience with kids! I need all the experience I can get to be a better parent someday and to work with children in my community." - Cortney, LS&A undergrad
"These kinds of programs are very important. I also liked being able to do this with my friends. It gave us another chance to be together and to experience doing something very worthwhile together while we are here at UM." - Stephanie, LS&A undergrad
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