The Opportunity Center
Children's Science Club

The Community Church of God
Ypsilanti, Michigan

Every week during the school year, volunteers from Reach Out! went to the Opportunity Center at the Community Church of God to work with kids in grades 1 through 5. As you will see, they had a blast!

During the '97-98 school year, our volunteers included:

From Reach Out!
  • Grace Kim, 97-98 Site Leader
  • Faye Booker-Logan, Staff Site Coordinator
  • Veronica Cottingham, 98-99 Site Leader
  • Sharon Reske
  • Dwight Fontenot
From the Pre-Med Club:
  • Srinivas Sridhara, Coordinator
  • Michael Hulsuit
  • Noel Erinjeri
  • Erin Peters
  • Sarika Bhatnagar
  • Hilary Spindler
  • Monica Sharma
  • Khoa Nguyen
  • Janette Luu
  • Mohammed Jafri
  • Frank Brinker
  • Nahreen Khandker
  • Shivani Reddy
  • Sean Liu

These were our "repeat offenders," so to speak. Those who couldn't get enough of those kids and science and just kept coming back for more! We had another 30 volunteers who came on a one-time basis because we needed so much help! Those volunteers were for the most part members of the Pre-Med Club, with some volunteers also coming from the Black Pre-Med Club. Why do we have so many volunteers from the Pre-Med Club? Because the Pre-Med Club committed itself to supporting the CCOG elementary club with volunteers. Thanks to the coordinating efforts of Srinivas Sridhara, they did a superb job!

Lessons tinkered with included

Showing off his fingerprint technology

What did the kids have the most fun with? The rocket car was a blast!

"Ohhhh, noooo...the volcano!"

This club's first assignment for next year will be to come up with a name! Do you want to help them name it? Well, get involved! Check out how to get involved in our recruiting information.

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Last updated 16 July 98