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2004–2005 Elementary Mentor Commitment

As we move from a hands-on science club model to one of intentional mentoring, more is asked of our volunteer mentors. They are expected to commit to doing the following:
Attend a 2-1/2-hour orientation
Mentor the same 1–4 children weekly
Interact with teachers and support staff at least monthly
Make at least 1 home visit per semester
Have lunch at school with children and see teachers at least 1 time a semester
Do at least 1 outing or field trip a semester
Call children the night before club to remind them — and possibly talk with parent/guardian
Depending on the site, we will provide homework help, reading and writing support, basic math skills support, and hands-on science projects.

While more is asked of you, we expect that you will find the deeper relationships and greater impact of your work more satisfying, as well.

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