Spring 1998 George Elementary Science Days

Is This Club Active?

No, but it will be succeeded by a more ambitious project to run six ongoing science clubs through the 1998-99 school year.


We met three times: March 19 & 26, and April 2.

Grade Level of Participants

Eight first graders; fourth graders in two groups of 12

What We Did

Mrs. Bonnel's first graders, who were studying the Solar System, responded well to "Why there are rings around the planets" and really enjoyed the "styrofoam planet project."

Mrs. Hubbard's fourth graders, who were studying simple machines, enjoyed learning hands-on "How levers make us stronger."

Who organized and led these experiments:

Sherri Ahearn from George and Joyce Sutton from CUOS helped to organize; Gabriel Levi recruited and led 4-5 volunteers from the UM Psych Society.

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Last updated 19 Aug 98