Hikone Recreation Center
2002-2003 Science Club

at Hands-On Museum  


We meet on Thursdays from 6-7 PM


Hikone Drive off Packard, south of Buhr Park; SE Ann Arbor [map]


We currently have enough mentors to serve all of our children at Hikone! Please check out some of our other sites if you’re interested in helping. If you would like to be notified if openings arise, please email Dave Coleman or Peter Moes.

Some of the Things We’ve Done

at the museum
Nutrition Skeletal System
Lung Model Straight from the Heart
Hearing Making a Model Neuron
Tricking the Eyes Oceans and Their Creatures


Huron Valley Ambulance

The Bubble Man

Field Trip:

Hands-On Museum


Comments from Participants

“I’ve been impressed at the resources available at Hikone, and the variety of activities offered to kids there. It’s certainly reinforced my belief that community centers and programs like this CAN work.” - Laurie, LS&A undergrad, Circle K member
“I’ve gotten a glimpse of how much the kids need something like this. I’ve always thought along those lines, but seeing it firsthand and interacting with the children made it much more real to me.” - Hwa, LS&A undergrad, Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity member
“I have realized that there are people (especially children) that need help in my own community.” - Rosalee, LS&A undergrad
“It has shown me that one person really can make a difference. I don’t know if I am having an earth-shattering impact on my mentee, but I know that for the time being I am taking part in something that seems to make her happy, and you can’t put a price on that.” - Adam, LS&A undergrad
On an intergenerational group of volunteers: “The needs of children are so great. We have to learn to work together with adults of all ages and backgrounds tor eve meet their needs ” - Rosalee
Mike, Latisha, Aarti
Mike, Latisha, Aarti at Hands-On Museum

What We Do

We spend time every week with elementary school kids doing fun, hands-on science activities. You don’t have to be a science genius to help out—we’ll give you a copy of the lesson and the basic facts and information. We want kids to realize that (1) they are capable of learning science, (2) science is fun, and (3) science is everywhere (in the food they eat, the weather, etc.)

But, most importantly, we are spending time with the kids—paying attention to them, caring about them, and giving them good role models to look up to. If you think about how busy parents are these days, you’ll realize how much this kind of individual mentoring relationship can mean to them—and to you.

If you are looking for a sense of community, a way to make friends, an opportunity to get off campus and outside of yourself in order to make a difference for others, then this is the program for you!

The Commitment

A 10-week commitment is important in order to really establish relationships with the kids. If you are unsure, don’t hesitate to correspond with a club coordinator by e-mail. Their enthusiasm is infectious!

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