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What Are They?  Science Clubs give small groups of children or teens the chance to regularly enjoy hands-on science projects. They can be after-school clubs run by staff or parent volunteers, a regular feature of church or community center programs, part of other programs such as Scouts—or just a family or play-group activity. Anyone who likes to build things, take things apart, cook, or garden can lead such clubs!

After a long day, the last thing kids want is more "school," so we emphasize having fun with science more than learning scientific principles. Activities and projects give young people confidence that they can "do" science and help them to experience the process of science: trying different things, observing carefully, and speculating about what will happen next and why.

Take the plunge! You never know what spark may give a young person a new direction in life. You may be key to putting someone onto a path that will better both his or her life and that of your community.

How can you get involved?

Members of University of Michigan's Reach Out! student organization coordinate hands-on science clubs in Washtenaw County. They match individual volunteers, groups, or organizations with sites we work with during the school year and in the summer.
Reach Out! provides materials, training, and on-site support. Read about individual clubs (links above right) to decide where you'd like to take part. Each page for an active club lists contact information and schedules, plus directions and map to the site. Call or e-mail the student site coordinator for even more information. You can print out this Application Form.
Yamina, Veronica, Alicia, Debbie, Grace, and Roselle
from Reach Out!

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