Peace Neighborhood Center
Summer 1997 Science Club


We met at a different Ann Arbor area park every week.

Age of Participants

Grades K-5

What We Did

An average of 50 children ages 5-12 enjoyed six weeks of hands-on science activities in area parks. The most popular were:

  How Does the Human Eye See? Liquid Nitrogen Fun!
  Paper Clip Sailing The Disappearing Statue
  Why Is a Diamond So Hard?

Children particularly enjoyed building marshmallow structures as part of the "diamond" activity.

Who Helped

Reach Out! Coordinator Debbie McCartney was assisted by seven of the REU (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) visitors to CUOS (the Center for Ultrafast Optical Science). Peace staffer Bonnie Billups was a great help with crowd control, as participant numbers were much higher than we had expected.

Responses from Volunteers

"... fulfilling, enriching, exciting!"
"I never really worked with children, so it was very challenging.... I learned patience, though, and enjoyed learning it."
"Overall, we achieved our goals—bringing hands-on science to kids and getting them excited about learning!"
"This was interesting and fun. It was great working with younger and enthusiastic students."
"Both the children and the staff enjoyed the lessons and the fun. Bonnie is great!"

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