Peace Neighborhood Center
1998-99 Science Club


1111 Maple Road, Ann Arbor
(north of Dexter Avenue and
south of Miller Avenue) [map]

Age of Participants

Grades K-5

What We Did

  Outrageous Ooze Volcanoes
  Making an Anemometer Making Applesauce
  Making Paint Fingerprinting
  Dinosaurs Black Magic
  Magnets Silly Straw Gliders
  Pumpkin Carving & Seed Baking

The following are some comments from volunteers:
"Not very scientific, but fun. Lots of kids didn't realize that you could eat pumpkin seeds, or what pumpkin pie was made of. Lots of compromises and sharing had to be learned since there were only a few pumpkins and knives and so many kids."
"Lots of fun! The kids' faces just lit up when their volcanoes erupted."
"Kids loved experimenting with the glider design to try to improve on it. Now, THAT's science!"

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