Peace Neighborhood Center
Summer 1998 Science Club


We met at a different Ann Arbor area park every week.

Age of Participants

Upper elementary grades

What We Did

An average of 32 youngsters a week enjoyed four weeks of hands-on science activities in Ann Arbor-area parks.

We played with paper chromatography, did egg drop experiments, tried blowing up plastic bags with vinegar/baking soda mixtures, made our own Lava Lamps, and experimented with liquid nitrogen! If you wish to try some of these activities, here is how:

  Black Magic
  Salt Volcano
  Liquid Nitrogen Fun!

Reach Out! Coordinators Debbie McCartney and Aarti Raheja and experienced volunteer Priya Khanna (pictured above) were assisted by six of the REU (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) visitors to CUOS (the Center for Ultrafast Optical Science).

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