Pinelake Village Community Center
2002-03 Science Club


We meet on Monday evenings from 4:30-5:30 PM
at the Hands-On Museum


2680 Adrienne Dr., off South Maple; west Ann Arbor [map]


Want to join us? Contact Marci Cane to schedule an orientation!
at the Hands-On Museum

Some of the Things We’ve Done

Nutrition Skeletal System
Asthma Straight from the Heart
Memory Making a Model Neuron
Rocket Cars Marshmallow Bridges
Density Clever Levers, Pulley Power


Huron Valley Ambulance
Martin Philbert: Your Brain on Music
Officer Dortch: The Bubble Man

Comments from Participants

“Working there has taught me that community centers ... provide a refuge away from the pressures of school that even young children experience.” - Zack, LS&A undergrad
“I enjoyed seeing the children so excited to see us when they came. Even if my day was bad, coming in and seeing someone so happy to see me really cheered me up.” - Kristina, LS&A undergrad, Psych 350 student
photo “I notice that there needs to be a lot more activities for children who can’t afford to be placed into community sports teams or classes. It seems that if you don’t have the extra $50 to sign up for Little League, then there aren’t any free activities you could participate in..” -Kristina
“Working with the children at Pinelake has reopened my eyes as to how needy some children can be for a role model in their lives.... I guess I had forgotten what that is like.” - Rachel, LS&A undergrad, Psych 350 student
“I see how crucial programs like this are. Teachers can’t do everything and having a community center where kids can learn and get help is very important to their education.” - Leslie, School of Music undergrad rocket cars in action
Rocket cars in action
“[My favorite part was] simply talking to the kids about their interests, families, etc. It amazes me how intelligent and motivated my kids seem to be—at such a young age, and under their circumstances. Plus, the brightening of their faces as I walk in is especially rewarding!” - Carolyn, LS&A undergrad, Psych 350 student
photo of the whole group “As part of my work at the center, I did a report for my psych class on resilience in children, and one of the key protective factors (factors that allow a child in an at-risk environment to develop successfully and cope well) is support from outside the family, in the form of teachers, neighbors, or mentors. I sincerely hope that our presence there has helped fulfill that role.” - Carolyn
  three delighted kids
“My experience at Pinelake has caused me to look at the bigger picture outside of the U of M campus. I definitely believe that I would like to continue volunteering in a similar environment in the future.” - Caroline, LS&A undergrad, Psych 350 student, Alpha Delta Pi sorority member
ambulance visit

What We Do

We spend time every week with elementary school kids doing fun, hands-on science activities. You don’t have to be a science genius to help out—it’s perfectly okay to learn along with the kids! We want them to realize that (1) they are capable of learning science, (2) science is fun, and (3) science is everywhere (in the food they eat, how their bodies work, the weather, etc.)

But, most importantly, we spend regular time with the same children—paying attention to them, caring about them, and giving them good role models to look up to. If you think about how busy parents are these days, you’ll realize how much this kind of individual mentoring relationship can mean to them—and to you.

If you are looking for a sense of community, a way to make friends, an opportunity to get off campus and outside of yourself in order to make a diffference for others, then this is the program for you!

ambulance visit

The Commitment

A 10-week commitment is important in order to really establish relationships with the kids. If you are unsure, don’t hesitate to correspond with a club coordinator by e-mail. Their enthusiasm is infectious!

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