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Project Grow

Contact Person

Barbara Vogel, Coordinator of the Children's Garden

Brief Description

Tours provided for Project Grow's Childrens Educational Garden. Learn about gardening, composting, landscaping, agriculture and environmental issues.

Tour Length 1-2 hours (April-October)

Related Careers - Environmental Advocacy, Ecology, Agriculture, Landscaping


Group Size: 5-30
Age Level: Elementary through High School
Interests: Environment & Gardening
Previous Classes/Knowledge: Math, Science


Volunteers of all ages (individuals or groups) are needed spring through fall to help with planting, mulching, mowing, and composting of community gardens.
Also, note that we offer gardening programs for children and senior citizens throughout the growing season.
Contact Barbara for information.

Public Access

AATA bus stop about 2 blocks away

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Last Updated 27 July 99