Jim and Leona Meeks

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family photo Leona Meeks grew up on a farm in Ypsilanti, Michigan. She was the oldest of six children. She spent a lot of time babysitting her little brothers and sisters. When she grew up, she went to the college that is now called Eastern Michigan University to get her teaching degree. Leona taught school for a long, long time! She loved teaching. Her classrooms were usually a little noisy and there were always projects going on of all sorts—painting and crafts, eggs in incubators getting ready to hatch, critters and fish in an aquarium, a weather study, an ant farm to watch, stories in all phases of development, a reading corner with pillows and comfy chairs, and of course science projects.

Jim Meeks grew up on a farm in North Adams, Michigan. Being the only boy, he was expected to work the farm. So he never had a chance to look at other careers. When he brought his family to Clinton, Michigan, he continued farming, and he also opened his own market to sell his fruits and vegetables. Jim also worked at a factory for many years to save money so his kids could go to college. He taught his children and grandchildren a lot about orchards, planting seedlings, and owning your own company.

family photo Leona and Jim Meeks had four children. Leona and Jim loved their farm, where they had cherry and apple orchards and grew things like sweet corn, tomatoes, and pumpkins. Their farm market was very successful, as they sold lots of their produce. They had ten grandchildren who now range from 17 to 35 years old. Leona and Jim loved to do projects with their grandchildren. Their farm house was always in a state of clutter with baking projects in the kitchen, arts and crafts in another room, and science stuff outside or upstairs in a spare room! They loved critters and nature and shared that love with their grandchildren with walks in the woods to see spring flowers, planting pine tree seedlings every spring, tapping maple trees and making maple syrup, going to cider mills with their apples to make cider, visiting the zoo to see animals and birds that don't naturally live around us, and doing many, many experiments and activities.

Leona and Jim are no longer living on this wonderful and beautiful planet. But they have left behind the memories of many fun activities which we can all enjoy. We invite others to share with us "recipes" of fun science projects done with family members.

Jim and Leona's Quick and Easy Activities

family photo

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