What Shape Is Water?

This lesson developed by Leona and Jim Meeks
Recommended Age: Preschool


What shape is water?

What You Need

  1. Water
  2. Many clear glass or plastic containers
  3. Pitcher

What You Do

  1. Collect many different sizes and shapes of clear glass or plastic containers.

  2. Pour water into the containers using a pitcher.

  3. Check it out- what shape is water?

What Is Happening

Water does not have its own distinct and constant shape. The glasses, bowls, vases, freezer containers and other containers we used have their own distinct and constant shape- but not water! When we poured water into all these different kinds and shapes of containers, the water took on the shape of the containers it was put into! Empty one container. Pour water from another container into this one. What happens? The very same water that may have taken on the shape of a tall and skinny rosebud vase w ill take on the shape of a squatty and low container!

Water is so important for our planet Earth! Living creatures, plants and trees- everything that is alive needs some amount of water. Water is fun to learn about and play with, too!