Reach Out! - Linking U. of M. & Community Mentors with Children & Teens

Volunteers through the Years: A-L

This is an effort to document not just who volunteered with Reach Out! over the years, but also what they did and for how long. The list begins when we started keeping good records—in the summer of 1995. Our records are imperfect in any case. If we missed you, please let us know!

We hope you notice how many folks came back year after year and did several things—academic mentoring, career mentoring, and/or science club volunteering. As of our 6 Aug 01 tally of 993 volunteers, 390 worked in one or more of our programs for more than one semester; 165 returned for three or more semesters; 86 for four or more, 49 for five or more—ranging up to 20 seasons!

Note: For each year, records are kept by semester, since that is the minimum commitment we require of volunteers. We will update this list as we find the time.


Years of Service

Type of Service

Last Name First Name 1995-96 1996-97 1997-98 1998-99 1999-00 2000-01
Aalderink Kristopher   F, W      academic mentoring
Acebo Yamina   F, W     support services
Acevedo Zari     F, W   academic mentoring
Adams David     W   academic mentoring
Adams Shandra     F   science clubs
Adelabi Omotayo     F   academic mentoring
Affum Eboni      W, SprF academic mentoring,
support services
Afshari Sara    W F   science clubs
Agarwal Dinesh   W  W  academic mentoring
Agarwalla Vibhav   F, W     academic mentoring
Agerstrand Cara     W   science clubs
Ahearn Sherri   Spr, Sum F, W, Spr F   support services,
science clubs
Aileni Charles W, SprF, W, Spr      academic mentoring,
support services
Albaugh Corey     F, W   academic mentoring
Allen Ernest        W, Spr support services
Allen Kristin    W     science clubs
Allen Rachel      F  science clubs
Allen Valissia    W     science clubs
Amburgey Dan       Spr career mentoring
Anderson Alan   W      science clubs
Anderson Megan        Sum career mentoring
Anderson Neil W, Spr    W, Spr F  academic mentoring
Anderson Robyn      F  science clubs
Ansari Semira        W science clubs
Antczak Krista    F     academic mentoring
Aponte Trisha        F science clubs
Arciero Theresa    F, W     science clubs
Arias Erika      F, W  support services
Armitage Sarah    W     science clubs
Armstrong David Spr, Sum96       academic mentoring
Arnett Marni F, W, Spr F, W      academic mentoring
Arnold Christa     W   academic mentoring
Arnold Stacy    W     science clubs
Arons Eric Sum95       science clubs
Asfaw Hosanna     F   academic mentoring
Atkins Ella    W     academic mentoring
Atri Lakshmi     F, W   academic mentoring
Austria Aimee     F, W   science clubs
Avila Alexis    W     academic mentoring
Bailey Brad      F F science clubs
Baker Beverly     W   science clubs
Balancio Gregorio     W   academic mentoring
Balgude Amit    W     science clubs
Banas Kate   W      academic mentoring
Banka Dawn   W, Spr      academic mentoring
Bansal Phil    F     academic mentoring
Barasch Daphna    F     science clubs
Barden-Perlberg Kathleen      F, Spr Spr career mentoring
Barer Lori     W   academic mentoring
Baringer Stephanie     W   academic mentoring
Barron Zackary      F F science clubs
Bartels Randy Sum95       science clubs
Bartlett Marvin   F, W      career mentoring
Bartlett Sandy W, Spr,
      academic mentoring
Barton Wonder        Spr career mentoring
Bassett John      W  academic mentoring
Bastuba Tracy   F, W      career mentoring
Basu Avik   F, W F, W, Spr     academic mentoring
Bautista R. Jennifer   F      academic mentoring
Bawle Ulka     F, W   academic mentoring
Beamish Becky    F, W     academic mentoring
Beaubien Jim   F, W      academic mentoring
Belman Meredith        W science clubs
Benjamin Keisha    F     academic mentoring
Benko R. Jeffrey F, W       academic mentoring
Benson Jamiesha      F  academic mentoring
Bershad Eric    F     science clubs
Betz Anne   F      academic mentoring
Bhatia Sangeeta W, Sum96 F      academic mentoring
Bhatnagar Sarika    F, W     science clubs
Bigelow Chad Sum96 F      academic mentoring,
science clubs
Bignall Richard      F, Spr  career mentoring
Bihani Teeru     W   science clubs
Bilchik Melissa        W science clubs
Billups Bonnie Sum95, F, W, Sum96 F, W, Sum F, W, Sum F, W F, W F support services
Birdsong Doris     F, W, Spr   academic mentoring
Birnby Jim F, W, Spr,
F, W, Spr      academic mentoring,
science clubs
Biscoe Brandi    W     science clubs
Bishop Jessica     F   academic mentoring
Bivens Sharnae      F, W  science clubs
Blackburn Dawn   F, W      support services
Blakeney Derek    F     academic mentoring
Blaszak Lynne   Spr F, W     academic mentoring,
science clubs
Bochnis George     Spr   support services
Booker-Logan Faye F, W, Spr   F, W     academic mentoring,
science clubs
Bora Suhani     F   science clubs
Borgsdorf Steve      W F academic mentoring
Bosse Melanie   W      academic mentoring
Botwinick Traci      F  science clubs
Boukouris Spyros    W     science clubs
Bowbeer Grant   F, W      career mentoring
Bowersox Bree W, Spr        academic mentoring
Bowman Leo     F   career mentoring
Boyd Jill    W     science clubs
Boyle Aaron    F, W     academic mentoring
Boynton Lindsay   W F, W     academic mentoring
Braganza Jennifer   F      academic mentoring
Braun Alan F, W, Spr F, Spr      academic mentoring,
science clubs
Bravo Angelica        F, W science clubs
Bressman Jeremy     W   science clubs
Brightwell Brandon      Sum  support services
Briley Bridget        F science clubs
Brinker Frank    W     science clubs
Brinson Julie    Sum     science clubs
Bristol Jason     F F  science clubs
Bristow Jolene   F      academic mentoring
Brittingham Todd     Sum    support services
Brock Rachel     F, W F  science clubs
Brown Eboni     F, W   academic mentoring
Brown Lori     W   academic mentoring
Brown Makaiya    F, W     academic mentoring
Brown Nicholas        F science clubs
Brown Serina      F, W,
Spr, Sum
F, W,
Spr, Sum
support services
Bryant Rodney Sum96 F      academic mentoring
Bryson Jenn        F academic mentoring
Buck Tombi    W     academic mentoring
Buddin Sharine F, W, Spr F, W, Spr F, W, Spr     science clubs,
academic mentoring
Bunting Kyle     F, W   science clubs
Burch Sarah      W  academic mentoring
Burghardt Peter   F      academic mentoring
Burk Scott        F science clubs
Burke David W        science clubs
Burke Suzanne    W F, W   science clubs
Burkhardt Rachel        F, W, Spr career mentoring
Burney Erika     F   science clubs
Burns Kevin     F   science clubs
Burrows Matt     Sum    support services
Burtch Alison      F  academic mentoring
Burton Holly      F  academic mentoring
Bush Jennifer   Sum      science clubs
Butler Yvonne     F   science clubs
Byrd Letitia      Spr  career mentoring
Calvert Doris     F, W, SprF, W Sprscience clubs,
career mentoring,
academic mentoring
Calvert LaRina        Spr career mentoring
Calvert Matt Sum95, F,
W, Spr
       science clubs,
support services
Campbell Maisha     F   science clubs
Campins Nicholas      F, W  academic mentoring
Cane Marci        W science clubs
Casey Dan      Spr  career mentoring
Casten Lesli        F academic mentoring
Cayton-Grigsby Clarissa     F, W F, W F, W, Spr support services,
career mentoring
Celaya Ray      W F science clubs
Chakrabarti Arnab   W      academic mentoring
Chaku Meenakshi    F, W     academic mentoring
Chambliss Davita     F   science clubs
Chang Denise    Sum     science clubs
Chang Jennifer    F, W     academic mentoring
Cheek Charles        W, Sum science clubs,
career mentoring
Chen Amy   W      academic mentoring
Chen Nadine F, W        academic mentoring
Cheng Dora     F   science clubs
Chervela Nalini Spr, Sum96        academic mentoring
Cheskis Aaron   F      academic mentoring
Chien Ming      Sum  career mentoring
Chin Chelsea    W     science clubs
Choi Charles   F, W W, Spr     academic mentoring
Choi Yong-Uk    F, W     science clubs
Chon Young   F      academic mentoring
Choo Shing H. W, Spr        academic mentoring
Chung Josiah        F, W science clubs
Claeys Emily      W  academic mentoring
Clark Gary      Spr  career mentoring
Clark Kathryn      F  academic mentoring
Clark Tonya    W     academic mentoring
Clay Kathryn Sum95, F, W, Spr       science clubs,
support services
Clemons Stefanie    F, W     academic mentoring
Cleveland Ruth    F, W     academic mentoring
Co Jerry W        academic mentoring
Cobb Nicole        F science clubs
Coburn Jeff        F science clubs
Cohen Mordechai    Sum     science clubs
Cohen Stuart     Spr, Sum    career mentoring
Colarossi Steven        W science clubs
Colburn Marissa     F   academic mentoring
Coleman David      W F, W science clubs
Collazo Taina    W     science clubs
Colmery Wes      Spr  career mentoring
Conboy Madelaine     Sum Sum Sum support services
Conboy Mike     F, W,
Spr, Sum
F, W,
Spr, Sum
F, W,
Spr, Sum
support services
Condevaux Brannon    F     science clubs
Connors Robert        F, W support services
Cook Daniel    F     academic mentoring
Cooper Marie   Spr, Sum F, W     support services
Cooper Zac        F science clubs
Corndorf Adam      F, W  science clubs
Cottingham Veronica    F, W F, W F  science clubs
Covington Jerard   W      academic mentoring
Covington Jeremy   W      academic mentoring
Covitt Beth     Sum    support services
Cox Bryanna    F     science clubs
Cox John     F   science clubs
Craft Autumn W, Spr        academic mentoring
Cregan Chris        F, W science clubs
Crites Matthew Sum96        academic mentoring,
science clubs
Cruz Jeanette        W science clubs
Cruz Michele    F     academic mentoring
Cumming Amanda      F  academic mentoring
Cuoco Michael    W     academic mentoring
Cupp Joel    F, W F, W   academic mentoring
Dalal Neil    W     science clubs
Dallo Flora   W    academic mentoring
D'Anna Vanessa     W   science clubs
Darga Kimberly   F, W      academic mentoring
Darr Jennifer      F  science clubs
Darwall Julian        W science clubs
Dasika Ganesh      F  academic mentoring
Davenport Grecia    F     academic mentoring
Daves Michael     Spr   career mentoring
Davidson Christina        F science clubs
Davidson Sonya      F  science clubs
Davis Fred F, W F, W F, W F, W F, W  support services
Davis Judy     W   science clubs
Dawso Amanda    F     academic mentoring
Dayalu Praveen    F, W     science clubs
Dean Aaron     Sum Sum Sum support services
Decker Eric      F, W  science clubs
Decker Robyn     W   science clubs
Deibel Jason Sum96       science clubs
DeJonge Dana      W  science clubs
Dellas Christina   W      academic mentoring
Demming GiGi    F, W Sum    academic mentoring,
support services
Dengiz Emily      F  academic mentoring
Dengiz Lisa     W  Spr academic mentoring,
support services
DePlonty Michael   F      academic mentoring
Derro Kristina      F  science clubs
Dertouzof Joe F, W, Spr        academic mentoring
Desai Kavita     W F  science clubs
Deshazor Leslie      F, W  science clubs
DeSmet Brian    F, W     academic mentoring
Deuparo Tamra   F, W      academic mentoring
DeVos Tiffany       F academic mentoring
Dickerson Clark        F, W science clubs
Didwania Aashish     F   academic mentoring
Diehl David   W W     science clubs
Divguuid Darrell     W   science clubs
Dodge Bryn      F, W  science clubs
Dodick Todd        F academic mentoring
Donahue Dennie     Sum    support services
Dorman Monica    F, W     academic mentoring
Dormire Ron        Spr career mentoring
Doublestein Stephanie      W  academic mentoring
Doyle Colleen    F     academic mentoring
Drumright Ms.     F, W, Spr   academic mentoring
D'Souza Deepak     F   science clubs
Dueweke Cortney      F, W  science clubs
Duffey Megan      F  science clubs
Dukes Clarence      F  career mentoring
Dulecki Ann   F      academic mentoring
Dunigan Kristina      F  science clubs
Durant Tammy    W     academic mentoring
Durfey Ryan    F, W     academic mentoring
Durham Nicole    W     academic mentoring
Dutta Subrata Sum96        support services
Dwyer Bill      W  career mentoring
Dyme Jeremy       F science clubs
Eaglin Simon      F, SprSpr career mentoring
Eberts Linnaea     F, W   academic mentoring
Edwards Margaret   F, W F, W   support services
Efrem Senait  F F, W    academic mentoring
Efron Jonathan   W F   academic mentoring
Eggert Paula      W, Spr  science clubs
Eisenberg Erin  F F, W     academic mentoring
Eldridge Charlie      F  science clubs
Ellison Janeiro      F  science clubs
Elson Franny   F W   academic mentoring,
science clubs
Emenyonu Nnenna   F     academic mentoring
Emick Dawn     W   science clubs
Eng Jenni  W      academic mentoring
Erinjeri Noel    F, W     science clubs
Eskinazi Aimee      F  science clubs
Eun Christine        Fscience clubs
Evans Jeff   W     academic mentoring
Everett Rob      F  science clubs
Ewegbemi Lenora   F, W     academic mentoring
Faure Jerome   F     academic mentoring
Fedewa Sarah     W   science clubs
Fee Craig      W  academic mentoring
Fee Jenny     F, W, Spr F, W, Spr  support services
Feferman Rebecca        F, W science clubs
Felsten Lesley        F science clubs
Fernandes Neelesh   F F, W, SprF, W  academic mentoring
Field Jesse   F     academic mentoring
Fields Bruce     Sum   support services
Filler Claudia     F, WF, W F, W, Spr support services,
career mentoring
Finkbeiner Christine        Spr support services
Fischer Rachael W       academic mentoring
Fisher Treva    F     academic mentoring
Flink Amy        F, W academic mentoring
Flood Ellen   F, W      academic mentoring
Fontenot Dwight   F, W F, W   science clubs
Ford Mary   F, W     support services
Forsythe Matthew   F     academic mentoring
Forth Scott     Sum   support services
Fouché Alishia   W    academic mentoring
Fox Joanna   F, W     academic mentoring
Frame Kevin   W     science clubs
Frank Carolyn    W, SprW, F   academic mentoring
Frank Rodney    W     academic mentoring
Franke Mira Sum96 F      academic mentoring,
science clubs
Freeman Laquette     F   academic mentoring
Friend Jane        F science clubs
Frye Barb      Spr  science clubs
Fu Brian W, Spr       academic mentoring
Fu Leann Sum95       science clubs
Garcia Elena     F   science clubs
Garcia Osiris  F     academic mentoring
Gardner Tony       F academic mentoring,
support services
Garg Ravin    F     academic mentoring
Garko-Hill Ann Marie F, W       academic mentoring
Garvin Craig    W, Spr F, W   academic mentoring
Garvin Tiffany     F   science clubs
Gawlik Julie  F, W     academic mentoring
Gebre-Egziabher Salome Sum95 W, Spr      science clubs,
support services
Gent Ray     F, W, Spr   academic mentoring
Gerring Todd     Sum    support services
Gersdorff Gretchen       F, W science clubs
Gershoni Ron    F     academic mentoring
Ghei Sonia  F, W      academic mentoring
Ginzel Kara    F, W, Spr     academic mentoring
Gleason Chris     F, W   academic mentoring
Goad Linda F, W, Spr       support services
Goddard Kelly      Sum  career mentoring
Goddard Scott      Sum  career mentoring
Goldberg Elana       F academic mentoring,
support services
Goldenberg Michael       F, W science clubs
Gordon Scott    F     academic mentoring
Gorman Ashley     F, W   academic mentoring
Gormley Matt       W science clubs
Gormley Matt      F, W  science clubs
Gorski Dave       F science clubs
Gotham Kaite      F, W  academic mentoring
Gourlay Ken     F, W   academic mentoring
Gracey Laurin       F academic mentoring
Gradisteanu Peter Sum96 F      academic mentoring
Graham Brad   W     academic mentoring
Graham Elizabeth      W  academic mentoring
Grannell Shawn   Sum     science clubs
Grattan Bryan       F, W science clubs
Grech Jonathon      F, W  science clubs
Greene Torrence        Sprcareer mentoring
Greenstein Joanne   F     academic mentoring
Greider, Susan F, W       academic mentoring,
support services
Grekowicz Brian   F     academic mentoring
Gribas Matthew    F     academic mentoring
Gronski Jessica      F, W  academic mentoring
Grove Andrew       F science clubs
Gueno Leslie    W     science clubs
Guntur Pavani     F   science clubs
Gupta Deepak     W   science clubs
Haaf Joel  F, Spr     academic mentoring
Haas Andrea   F     academic mentoring
Haber Jordana      W  science clubs
Hail Lynne    F     academic mentoring
Halilovic Ahmed    Spr     academic mentoring
Hall Kristoffer     F   academic mentoring
Hall Shannon   F     academic mentoring
Hall Steven  F     academic mentoring
Halsted Margo     Sum Sum  support services
Hamann Rich     F, W, Sum SumSum science clubs,
support services
Hamilton Lance    F, W     academic mentoring
Han Spencer      F  science clubs
Hanson Nicola  Sum     science clubs
Hanson Paul     F   academic mentoring
Harley Laura  F     academic mentoring
Harling Reggie       F academic mentoring
Harris Ahmasi     Sum    support services
Harris Dervla     W   academic mentoring
Harris Leah     F   science clubs
Harris Rodney    F, W     academic mentoring
Harrison Charlie     Spr   career mentoring
Hartl Anne    F, W, Spr Sum    academic mentoring,
career mentoring
Hartranft Joanna       F science clubs
Hartweg Jerry     Spr Spr Sum career mentoring
support services
Hasnain Saif  W  F   academic mentoring
Hauptman Jeff     W   academic mentoring
Hausman Debra     F   science clubs
Heckemeyer Amity    W, Spr     academic mentoring
Henderson Chris      F, W  academic mentoring
Henderson David     F  W science clubs
Herek Pat      Sum Sum career mentoring
Hernandez Danielle      F  academic mentoring
Herrera Cesar     W   science clubs
Herrera Roselle    F, WF, W, Sum F, WF, W science clubs,
career mentoring,
support services
Herrick Katherine    F, W F, W   academic mentoring
Hersch Colleen  F     academic mentoring
Hickey Alison   W     academic mentoring
Hicks Ramona      F  career mentoring
Hidaka Yoshiteru     W   academic mentoring
Hidayet Shereef Sum96       science clubs
Hilburger Gretchen      F, W  science clubs
Hiller Dean W, Spr       academic mentoring
Hindelang Maureen    F, W, Spr    academic mentoring
Ho Jonathan F, W       academic mentoring
Hoad Betsy      W  academic mentoring
Hobson Lanny Sum95       science clubs
Holland Darrick  F     academic mentoring
Holloway Hillary   F, W     academic mentoring
Holman Dwayne        Spr career mentoring
Holoshitz Noa      W  academic mentoring
Holstege Jason  F     academic mentoring
Hough Merrissa   F     academic mentoring
Hsiung Pei-Lin Sum96       science clubs
Hubbard Ayanna   F     academic mentoring
Huddleston Michelle      Sum  support services
Hughes Bryan     W   science clubs
Hughes Timothy   F  F, W Spr science clubs,
support services
Hui Irene   W     science clubs
Hui Peter   W F   academic mentoring
Hulsuit Michael   F, W    science clubs
Humayun Nousheen      W  science clubs
Hunefeld Ross   W     academic mentoring
Hunter Cherita   F, W F, W   academic mentoring
Hussong Sarah     W   science clubs
Hutchinson Ryan     F, W   academic mentoring
Isakow Craig   W F, W F science clubs
Ivascu Natalia  F     academic mentoring
Jackson Andrea      F, W  science clubs
Jackson Jae Bianca   Sum      science clubs
Jackson Jason  Sum     science clubs
Jackson Milt  F, WF, W F, W   career mentoring
Jackson Stacy     F, W, Spr   academic mentoring
Jacobs Carolyn      F  science clubs
Jafri Mohammed   W W, F   science clubs
Jagunich Allegra  F, W       academic mentoring
Jain Divya     F   science clubs
Janakiraman Prabhu  F F, W     academic mentoring
Jenkins Andrea     F   academic mentoring
Jenkins Gerard     W   science clubs
Jenkins Janelle     W   academic mentoring
Johnson Kelly       Spr career mentoring
Johnson Kim       Spr career mentoring
Johnson Ramon     Sum   support services
Jones Amy     Spr   support services
Jones Carolyn     F   science clubs
Jones Herbert     W   science clubs
Jonnalagadda Hima F, W, Spr       academic mentoring
Joseph Desiree  Sum     science clubs
Julius Matt F, W, Spr       science clubs,
support services
Juran Rebecca      F  academic mentoring
Jurewicz Kimberly      F, W  academic mentoring
Kachorek Jason   W     academic mentoring
Kalisz Katie     F, W F, W  academic mentoring
Kam Wendy       F academic mentoring
Kandula Sushma     F W  academic mentoring
Kane Steve F, W,
        academic mentoring,
science clubs
Kang Ahran  F F, W, Spr     academic mentoring
Kaplan Jennifer  F      academic mentoring
Kaufman Benjamin     F, W F, W Fscience clubs
Keary Jane   F     academic mentoring
Keefer Rachel     F    academic mentoring,
support services
Keefover Tara  F     academic mentoring
Keller Jeremy     W   academic mentoring
Keller Paula F, W, Spr       academic mentoring
Kelley Sally      F  career mentoring
Kelly Joseph  F     academic mentoring
Kelly Rosaleen   F     academic mentoring
Kelsey Charles  W     science clubs
Kenna Caroline      F  science clubs
Kennedy Patty       F academic mentoring
Kennedy Peggy       F academic mentoring
Keoshian Jack    F, W, Spr    academic mentoring
Kerr Amy     F   science clubs
Kersey Bill   F     support services
Kesavan Yamini     F   science clubs
Khalil Mohammad   W     science clubs
Khandker Nahreen   W     science clubs
Khanna Priya   F, Sum     academic mentoring,
science clubs
Kieras Laura  F, W      academic mentoring
Kim Amy  F      academic mentoring
Kim Edward   F, W     academic mentoring
Kim Grace Spr, F, WF, W F, W     academic mentoring,
science clubs,
support services
Kim Juwhan  W     academic mentoring
Kim Kenneth   W     science clubs
King Chris  F      academic mentoring
Kingsbury Jolene     W   science clubs
Kirchner Brooke       F science clubs
Kizer Brooke      F  academic mentoring
Klug Heather   W     academic mentoring
Knopf Rachel      F, W F, W science clubs,
support services
Knox Darren        Spr career mentoring
Kopmanis Jeff Sum96   Sum    support services,
career mentoring
Korby Mike     F, W, Sum   science clubs,
support services
Korosi Kristina   F, W     academic mentoring
Kpeglo Kofi   F    career mentoring
Krakauer Nir   F, W     academic mentoring
Kramer Mark      W  science clubs
Kransdorf Pamela W, Spr       academic mentoring
Kruszka Jessica      F  science clubs
Kuditcher Amos     Sum    support services
Kule Vicki   F, W     academic mentoring
Kumar Nikhil     W   academic mentoring
Kurdi Ramy   W     science clubs
Kurutin Bianna   F     academic mentoring
Lacsamana Cynthia   W     academic mentoring
Lai Richard F, W, Spr,
       academic mentoring,
science clubs
Laird Debbie     Sum Sum  support services
Lakshminarayanan Sangeetha       F science clubs
Lala Ava   F     academic mentoring
Lamkin Burt     Spr F Spr career mentoring
support services
Lande Lynne     Spr  F career mentoring
LaSovage Adria     Sum, W Sum W science clubs,
career mentoring
LaSovage Jeannine   F, W,
Spr, Sum
F, W,
Spr, Sum
F, W,
Spr, Sum
F, W,
Spr, Sum
career mentoring,
support services
LaSovage Ron  F, W    Sum career mentoring
support services
LaSovage Tara     Sum Sum F, W, Sum career mentoring,
support services
Lau Art       Spr career mentoring
Lau Matty Sum95       science clubs
Lauer Kathy       Spr career mentoring
Lawson Carl     F, W   science clubs
Leavitt Dana       W science clubs
Lee Chul  W     academic mentoring
Lee Samuel      W  science clubs
Leith Emmett     Sum    support services
Lemon William   F, W     academic mentoring
Lenihan Anthony F, W, Spr       academic mentoring
Lepenski Beverly      Spr F, W support services
Leung John   F     academic mentoring
Levene Alyssa     W F  academic mentoring
Levi Gabriel   W     science clubs
Levy Michael   F     academic mentoring
Lewis Seann   F     academic mentoring
Liamini Don       F academic mentoring
Lim Marcel  W     academic mentoring
Lim Pauline     F, W   science clubs
Lincks Laurie      F F science clubs
Lipinski Scott   F     academic mentoring
Lippi Sara     W   science clubs
Lipsitz Lindsay       W science clubs
Little Jennifer  F     academic mentoring
Littlefield Scott       F science clubs
Liu George   F     academic mentoring
Liu James   W, Spr    academic mentoring
Liu Sonia   F F, W   academic mentoring
Liu Teng-Hsiang   W     science clubs
Liu Xinbing W, Spr       academic mentoring
Liu Ye Sum96 F      academic mentoring
Lobel Brian       W science clubs
LoChirco Rosalee      F, W  science clubs
Lockwood Kate    F, W    academic mentoring
Loke Heather   W F   science clubs
Lombard Jennie  F, W F, W, Spr F, W, Spr F, W, Spr   academic mentoring,
support services
Long Deborah   F     academic mentoring
Lorenger Kristin       F science clubs
Louie Marisa  F, WF, W     academic mentoring
Lucas Laura Spr, Sum96       academic mentoring,
support services
Lukong Ayiesha        F, W,
Spr, Sum
academic mentoring,
support services
Luongo Richard      F  science clubs
Luu Janette    W    science clubs
Lynch John       W science clubs

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