Reach Out! - Linking U. of M. & Community Mentors with Children & Teens

Volunteers through the Years: M-Z

This is an effort to document not just who volunteered with Reach Out! over the years, but also what they did and for how long. The list begins when we started keeping good records—in the summer of 1995. Our records are imperfect in any case. If we missed you, please let us know!

We hope you notice how many folks came back year after year and did several things—academic mentoring, career mentoring, and/or science club volunteering. As of our 6 Aug 01 tally of 993 volunteers, 390 worked in one or more of our programs for more than one semester; 165 returned for three or more semesters; 86 for four or more, 49 for five or more—ranging up to 20 seasons!

Note: For each year, records are kept by semester, since that is the minimum commitment we require of volunteers. We will update this list as we find the time.


Years of Service

Type of Service

Last Name First Name 1995-96 1996-97 1997-98 1998-99 1999-00 2000-01
Mackaluso Eric      F  academic mentoring
MacKay Sherry   F, W, Spr     academic mentoring
MacLachlan Brian     F   science clubs
MacLennan Allison  F      academic mentoring
MacQuarrie Don F, W, Spr F, W, Spr F, W, Spr     support services
Madaus Jim     Spr   support services
Magar Avdis    W    science clubs
Maginnis Kira Sum96       science clubs
Mallon Nicki     W   science clubs
Mani Sunitha    F    academic mentoring
Mann Morris   F, W, Spr     support services
Manville Sonia   F     academic mentoring
Marasco Meredith   F, W     academic mentoring
Marcotte Amy     F, W F, W  science clubs
Marti Jennifer  F, W      academic mentoring
Martin David       Spr science clubs
Martin Traci      F  science clubs
Martinez Yasmin     F   science clubs
Matlow Robyn      F, W F, W science clubs
Matson Jason   F, W W F academic mentoring,
science clubs
Matthews Heather F, W, Spr       academic mentoring
Maurant Dara   W     science clubs
Mazzocco Angelo   Sum     science clubs
Debbie   Sum F, W F, W, SumF, W,
Spr, Sum
F, W,
Spr, Sum
science clubs,
career mentoring,
support services
McCartney Denise     Sum Sum Sum support services
McCartney Diane     Sum Sum Sum career mentoring
McCartney Sue     Sum Sum Sum support services
McCartney Tom     Sum Sum Sum support services
McClendon Shirley     F, W, Spr F, W, Spr  support services
McClurg Aaron    F, W     academic mentoring
McCoy Dareth   F     academic mentoring
McEwen Don      F  career mentoring
McFadden Tom       F career mentoring
McGee Dana  F       academic mentoring
McKiernan Corey      F  science clubs
McLoid Shani       F academic mentoring
McMahon Jerry     Spr Spr Spr career mentoring,
support services
Means Michele      F, W  science clubs
Mercier Dan      F  academic mentoring
Merritt Joi  F      academic mentoring
Michels Zach      Sum  support services
Migus Samuel Sum95       science clubs
Mikuski Amanda     F, W   science clubs
Miller Kate       F, W science clubs
Miller Leanne   W     science clubs
Miller Linnelle        Spr career mentoring
Miller Myles     F   science clubs
Mills David Sum95       science clubs
Mills Travis        Spr career mentoring
Mirkin Michelle    Spr F, W   science clubs
Mishra Abinash      F  science clubs
Mishra Ruchi  W     science clubs
Mitchell Elizabeth  F, W      academic mentoring
Mittal Nitin     F   science clubs
Miyashita Yusuke   W     science clubs
Moi Michael  Sum     science clubs
Moncrief Sara     F, W    academic mentoring
Monty Raphaelle       F academic mentoring
Moo Peter F, W, Spr       academic mentoring
Moore Dan      Sum  career mentoring
Moore Walter      F, W W, Spr, F support services
Moquin Monique    F, W    academic mentoring
Morgan Helen     W    academic mentoring
Morgan Nicole  F     academic mentoring
Morse Lou      W, Spr  science clubs
Mosley Walter    F    academic mentoring
Mounayer Rema       Wscience clubs
Mourou Gérard F, W, Spr   F, Sum    academic mentoring,
science clubs,
support services
Mourou Marie F       academic mentoring
Mowris Danae      F, W  science clubs
Mullally Erin    W     science clubs
Murphy Brandy     F    academic mentoring
Murrell Tewonia    F     academic mentoring
Myers Marissa      F, W  science clubs
Nadeau Madeleine      Sum  support services
Nag Suchandre  F      academic mentoring
Nagar Sapna     F, W    academic mentoring
Nagarju Prameela  W     science clubs
Naida Cristopher   W     academic mentoring
Nanavati Shefali  W       science clubs
Nantel Marc  F      academic mentoring
Narasimhan Nathan     F, W   science clubs
Nauss Michael   W     science clubs
Navarro Jose   F     career mentoring
Nayakwadi Monica   W     academic mentoring
Neal Kristine      F, W  science clubs
Nees John F, W, Spr,
  F, W F, Sum F, W, Sum F, W academic mentoring,
science clubs,
support services
Negrin Meredith       F science clubs
Neiman Leigh       W science clubs
Nelson Eric       W, Spr support services
Nesbitt LaQuandra     F, W   academic mentoring
Nettleman Dave F, W, Spr       academic mentoring
Newman Lindsay    W    science clubs
Newton Reena     F   science clubs
Ng Jonathan,     F, W    academic mentoring
Nguyen Khoa   W     science clubs
Nguyen Simone  F      academic mentoring
Nicholson Sharmaine     F   science clubs
Nnodim Ijeoma     F   science clubs
Norman Michelle     F, W    academic mentoring
Norman Reulonda    W F, W, Sum F, W, Spr  science clubs,
career mentoring,
support services
Norman Rodney     F, W    academic mentoring
Norris Ted      Sum  support services
Northcross Amanda   W    science clubs
Noworyta Carin W, F, Spr       academic mentoring
Nunn Janette     F    academic mentoring
O'Hara John F, W, Spr       academic mentoring
Oberschmidt Heidi   Sum     science clubs
Obiuku Stacy     F, W   science clubs
Oestreich Heidi   F, W     academic mentoring
Ohryn Beth      F  science clubs
Oles Frank       Spr career mentoring
Oloyede Priscilla  F      academic mentoring
Om John Sum96 F      academic mentoring,
science clubs
Oney Theresa  W      academic mentoring
Ord Kristin      F, W  science clubs
Ovalle Felipe Sum95       science clubs
Owen Dale     W   science clubs
Owens Linda     Sum Sum  support services
Pacic Miroslav   W     academic mentoring
Packard Terry  F, W    Sum career mentoring
Padmanabhan Krishnan    F     science clubs
Page Larry Sum95       science clubs
Palmer Mark F       support services
Pamukov Emily       F, W academic mentoring
Papalois Karen      F, W  academic mentoring
Pargoff Kimberly    F     academic mentoring
Parish Erica     F F, W, Spr  academic mentoring
Park Joontae     F    science clubs
Parker Ashley    F, W, Spr     academic mentoring
Parm Sonny    F, W     support services
Parola Gene     Spr F, Spr Spr career mentoring,
support services
Pasricha Radhika    F, W     academic mentoring
Passerello Lisa    W     academic mentoring
Patel Mona  F, W      academic mentoring
Patel Rudhir  W      academic mentoring
Patel Rupali      F, W  science clubs
Patel Shilpa    F, W     academic mentoring
Patlevic Lisa       F science clubs
Patten Karla    F     academic mentoring
Pauling Timothy     Spr   support services
Paulsen Adam       F science clubs
Payton Lisa     F, W    science clubs
Peace Mallari      F  science clubs
Peeples Marika  F      academic mentoring
Peppe Carolyn  F      academic mentoring
Perl Daniel      F, W  science clubs
Peterka Jim       F academic mentoring
Peters Erin    F, W     science clubs
Peterson Stephanie      F  science clubs
Pettway Katrina      F  science clubs
Pham Tung  F      academic mentoring
Phillips Anna  W      academic mentoring
Pichumani Srini  W      academic mentoring
Picklo Dawn M.      F, W  science clubs
Pillai Santosh    W     science clubs
Pinderhughes Alicia Sum96,
F, W
W, F     science clubs,
support services
Plopan Staci     F, W F  academic mentoring
Polley Tad     F    science clubs
Poon Bonita      F, W  science clubs
Porter Drew      F  academic mentoring
Powell Megan    W F, W, Spr    academic mentoring
Prashad Shamaika    W F    academic mentoring
Primous Charlyn     W    science clubs
Pronko Peter F, W, Spr F, W      academic mentoring
Prowse Eric     F, W, Spr    academic mentoring
Pryce Monique Sum95       science clubs
Prywes Yaron    F     academic mentoring
Pullen Stuart W, Spr       academic mentoring
Purdon Reggie        Spr career mentoring
Puro Cynthia  W      academic mentoring
Quist Lisa    F     academic mentoring
Rabbani Sherry    F     academic mentoring
Racette Aimee  F, W      academic mentoring
Rader Erik  F, W      academic mentoring
Ragen K. Michelle     F, W F  science clubs
Raheja Aarti Spr  Sum F, W,
Spr, Sum
Sum  science clubs,
career mentoring,
academic mentoring
Ramakrishnan Divya  F, W      academic mentoring
Randall Mike     W    science clubs
Ratliff Amber    F, W     academic mentoring
Raudenbush Amy Spr,
F, W,
     academic mentoring,
science clubs
Reddy Sandhya       F academic mentoring
Reddy Shivani    W     science clubs
Reddy Sireen    F, W, Spr F    academic mentoring
Redmond Shawn     Sum   support services
Reid David  F      academic mentoring
Reid Erin    F, W, Spr     academic mentoring
Reifler Sharon    F     academic mentoring
Rein David     W F, W F academic mentoring
Reoma Junewai    F, W, Spr     academic mentoring
Reske Sharon    W     science clubs
Retersdorf Pat       Spr career mentoring
Reterstorf Michael  W      academic mentoring
Rettell David     W    academic mentoring
Reyer Julie  F      academic mentoring
Richards Corinne     F    academic mentoring
Richards Jennifer    W, Spr     academic mentoring
Rinkosk Marie     Sum   support services
Riseman Deanna  W      academic mentoring
Roberts Mark    F, W     academic mentoring
Robinson Angela  F      academic mentoring
Robinson Juscha    W     academic mentoring
Robinson Matthew      F  science clubs
Rodgers Chameka      F  science clubs
Rodgers Morgan    W     academic mentoring
Rodriguez Esperanza     F    science clubs
Rogers Matthew    Sum     science clubs
Romer Cynthia F, W, Spr       academic mentoring
Rosa Sandra Sum95, F,
W, Spr,
F, W,
Spr, Sum
F, W, Spr F, W, Spr   support services
Rosenstein Judy  F      academic mentoring
Rosenthal Julie      F  science clubs
Rosenthal Rebecca  W      academic mentoring
Ross Dailaa    F     academic mentoring
Rouge Ruby     W    science clubs
Roush Jennifer  F, W      academic mentoring
Rout Preeti    F     academic mentoring
Rozell Chris  F, W      academic mentoring
Rucks Dyan     F   science clubs
Rudominer Rebecca      W, F  science clubs
Ruff Cathy Sum95,
F, W, Spr
       science clubs,
support services
Rumble Mark       F science clubs
Rundquist Andrew    F, W     science clubs
Rusche Lesli    W     academic mentoring
Russell Barbara     W    science clubs
Rytlewski Jason      W  science clubs
Sabarinathan Jayshri W, Spr,
F     academic mentoring
Sadowski Maggie       F academic mentoring
Saincome Richard       Spr career mentoring
Saksewski Julie     Sum   support services
Salinsky Dan  W      academic mentoring
Salome Merrie    W     academic mentoring
Salomon Allison     F    science clubs
Sanford Tiffany     W   academic mentoring
Santana Lucia Sum95       science clubs
Sappington Kelly       F science clubs
Saragoza Phil      W, Spr,
 academic mentoring
Sarna Carly Ann    W, Spr F    academic mentoring
Savellano Mark    F     academic mentoring
Savin Heidi     W    science clubs
Sawtell Beth     W    science clubs
Schaefer Anne Sum95,
F, W, Spr
       academic mentoring,
science clubs
Scheyer Jenifer       W science clubs
Schmidt David    F, W     support services
Schneidewind Brian  W      academic mentoring
Schork Peter     Spr   career mentoring
Schrage Kathie  F      academic mentoring
Schultz Peter    Spr     science clubs
Schultz William    Spr, W F    academic mentoring,
science clubs
Searing Brian     W F  science clubs
Septer Katie     F    science clubs
Serban Daniela  F      academic mentoring
Serwer Laura       F science clubs
Shah Kavin    W     academic mentoring
Shah Rahul    Sum     science clubs
Shaikh Zakia Sum F, W      academic mentoring,
science clubs
Shand Karyl  F, WF, W, Spr F, W,
Spr, Sum
W, F,
Spr, Sum
F academic mentoring,
career mentoring
Shapiro Arthur Sum95       science clubs
Shardell Michelle     F    academic mentoring
Sharma Monica    W     science clubs
Sharoky Meredith       W science clubs
Shaw Damon  F      academic mentoring
Sheldon Susan      W  academic mentoring
Shen Kay  W  W    academic mentoring
Sherefkin Lara     Sum    support services
Sherman Leah     Sum   support services
Shoemaker Debbie     Spr    career mentoring
Shoemaker Gail     Spr    career mentoring
Shoemaker Susie Sum95,
F, W, Spr
F, W, Spr F, W, SprF, W,
Spr, Sum
F, W, SprF, W, Spr career mentoring,
science clubs
Shuart Chris    F, W     academic mentoring
Sienko Carla     Sum    career mentoring
Sieplinga Kira    F, W, Spr F, WF, W  academic mentoring,
science clubs
Silver Jeff      F  science clubs
Simmons Tanya     F, W    science clubs
Singh Ambika       F science clubs
Singh Serena    F, W     academic mentoring
Singh Karan       W science clubs
Sklansky Jordan    W     science clubs
Slattery Maggie W, Spr       academic mentoring
Smartt Aisha     F    science clubs
Smith Allen    W     academic mentoring
Smith Candace    W     science clubs
Smith Carrie       Spr career mentoring
Smith Efrion    F, W     academic mentoring
Smith Erin     F    science clubs
Smith Shonneka    W     science clubs
Smith Steve Sum95, F        academic mentoring,
science clubs
Smith Vanessa    F, W, Spr     academic mentoring
Snider Jodi    F, W     academic mentoring
Snow Joseph     F    academic mentoring
Solack Janelle      W  academic mentoring
Sootsman Jenny     F, W,
Spr, Sum
F, W,
Spr, Sum
 academic mentoring,
science clubs
Sosnowski Tom F, W, Spr,
F      academic mentoring,
science clubs
Soye Kelly     W, F   academic mentoring
Spence Nikolai  W      science clubs
Spensley Rob F, W       career mentoring
Spindler Hilary    F     science clubs
Spisar Monica    F, W, Spr     academic mentoring
Spooner Greg     Sum F, W F support services
Sprentall Doris      F, W F, W, Spr career mentoring
Sridhara Srinivas    F, W F    science clubs
Standal Jim     Spr    career mentoring
Stando Aaron     W    science clubs
Stanley Nicholas    F     academic mentoring
Stanton Jack   W     academic mentoring
Steele Stephanie     WW, Spr F, W,
Spr, Sum
science clubs,
career mentoring,
academic mentoring
Stein Dan      F  science clubs
Steiner Cory     W    science clubs
Stephens Jermaine    W     science clubs
Stephens Khalfani  F F     academic mentoring
Sterken Sarah J.  F      academic mentoring
Stewart Quincy      F  career mentoring
Stohner Timothy    F     academic mentoring
Storch Sara       F science clubs
Stouffer Chad     W    science clubs
Straley Kevin    F, W     academic mentoring
Stratton Laurie  F, W      academic mentoring
Striegle Alan    F     academic mentoring
Strong Keisha    F     academic mentoring
Suh Aaron       F science clubs
Sutton C. Jerome  F      academic mentoring
Sutton Joyce  F F, W     science clubs,
academic mentoring
Swann Sharlotte    F, W, Spr F    academic mentoring
Swift Darrell     Spr    career mentoring
Tan Cecilly       F science clubs
Tarigan Irene M.  F, W      academic mentoring
Tate Ronda L.      F, W  science clubs
Taueg Nakia  F      academic mentoring
Taylor Cedric     F, W, Spr   academic mentoring
Taylor Debbie  F, W      academic mentoring
Taylor Hillary    W     academic mentoring
Taylor Jason    F     academic mentoring
Taylor Wesley  F      academic mentoring
Teller Stacey      F  academic mentoring
Thankachan Sarah    F, W     academic mentoring
Thomas Preston     F    support services
Thomas Scott  W      science clubs
Thompson Buffie Sum95       science clubs
Thompson Conway       W, Spr support services
Threat Erica      F  science clubs
Ti Angeline       F science clubs
Tien An-Chun W, Spr,
      academic mentoring
Titus Stephen F, W       academic mentoring
Tomchik Marci Sum96       support services
Toprani Sheela       W science clubs
Torres Olivia     W    science clubs
Toth Martha Sum95,
   F, W, Sum W, Sum Spr, Sum science clubs,
support services
Trammer Lucell     F    academic mentoring
Tramontini Nicole    F, W     academic mentoring
Tran Thanh  F      academic mentoring
Tripathi Abhishek    W     science clubs
Tripp Marie Sum96 W, Spr      science clubs,
academic mentoring
Trpkovski Jennifer      F  science clubs
Tsai Liz      W  science clubs
Tsao Hwa      F, W  science clubs
Tseng David     F, W    science clubs
Tucker Jessica    W     academic mentoring
Turner Kamilah    W     academic mentoring
Tuteja Shalu     W   science clubs
Tyler Beverly F, W, Spr F, W, Spr F, W, Spr F, W,
Spr, Sum
F, W, Spr  science clubs
Uhring Heather F, W, Spr       academic mentoring
Ullah Shamim    F, W     academic mentoring
Urayama Junji Sum96       science clubs
Vail Karen  F      academic mentoring
Valjee Kiren     F, W F  academic mentoring
Van Sabrina       F, W science clubs
Van Dis Kate     W    academic mentoring
Vandekerckhove Tim   F, W, Spr W, F     support services
VanRompay Paul  W      academic mentoring
Vanzieleghem Bruno      Sum  support services
Vaupel Zachary      F  science clubs
Veerapaneni Radhika  F      academic mentoring
Veit Eric      F, W  science clubs
Vergari Jamie      F, W  academic mentoring
Vito Michael    W     science clubs
Vogel Barbara F, W       support services
Vogel Ricky     F, W    academic mentoring
Wagnitz Aimee  W      academic mentoring
Walker Malachi      W  science clubs
Walker Zeamma     F    academic mentoring
Walker Matthew      W  science clubs
Walker Tracie     Spr    career mentoring
Wallick John     F    academic mentoring
Walton Donnell W, F       academic mentoring
Walton-Doyle Erin    F, W     academic mentoring
Wampler Cindy    F     science clubs
Wang Dana  F      academic mentoring
Wang, Dawn     F    science clubs
Warner Anita    F     academic mentoring
Warren Tara      F, W  academic mentoring
Washington Kimberly       F science clubs
Waters Michael    F     science clubs
Weidner Melanie    F     academic mentoring
Weihe Frederick    F, W F    science clubs
Weinacht Tom    F, W     academic mentoring
Weiner Justin    W     science clubs
Weintraub Keith W, Spr       academic mentoring
Weiss Laurie    F  F, W  science clubs
Wendlandt Robert F, W, Spr       academic mentoring
Westbury Doug     W   academic mentoring
Westgate Nancy       F science clubs
Whitaker John W F      academic mentoring
White Delano    W     academic mentoring
Whitfield Danny     W    career mentoring
Whitmore Greg      Sum  support services
Whitten Becca     F   science clubs
Wiescinski Marie Anne  F      academic mentoring
Wieser Ian    W     science clubs
Wiley Denise Sum95       science clubs
Wilkins Mark    W     science clubs
Williams Craig     F    science clubs
Williams Lauren     W    science clubs
Williams Luke       W science clubs
Williams Marie  W, F F, W    support services
Williams Tom       F academic mentoring
Williams Tressa     F    academic mentoring
Williamson Nicole    F     academic mentoring
Wilson Rob       W science clubs
Wiltsee Chris       F, W, Spr support services
Winful Herb     SumF  science clubs,
support services
Winling Ladale    F     academic mentoring
Winner Kate      F  science clubs
Wittstein Jocelyn  F, W      academic mentoring
Wolbert Michelle    F     academic mentoring
Wolfe Nancy     W    academic mentoring
Wolfe Shirley      F, W  science clubs
Wong Michael    W     academic mentoring
Woods Don  F      academic mentoring
Debra Adams Wooley       Spr career mentoring
Wright Almeda  Sum      science clubs
Wright Glenn     F    science clubs
Wu Joyce F, W, Spr        academic mentoring,
science clubs
Wynne Alexis  Sum      science clubs
Yang Lih-Mei F, W, Spr       academic mentoring
Yang Lynn F, W, Spr,
       academic mentoring,
science clubs
Yen John    W     academic mentoring
Yohalem Nicole Sum95,
F, W, Spr,
F, W,
Spr, Sum
F, W, Spr    academic mentoring,
science clubs,
support services
Yu Anita      W  science clubs
Yuan Charlie     W    science clubs
Yuan Jerry       F science clubs
Zeeff George     F    science clubs
Zent Christopher  F      academic mentoring
Zimmer Nick       F science clubs
Zivan Debbie       F academic mentoring
Zuelling Alissa     W    science clubs
Zwica Lynn  F      academic mentoring

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