Final CUOS K–12 Education Outreach Program Report, March 2002

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VI. Appendices

Appendix C. Goals & Methods for Reach Out! Volunteers

1. Goals for UM Students


Build Character and Integrity by Learning and Practicing:

  • Trustworthiness and responsibility
  • Respect for self and others
  • Future skills for parenting
  • Confidence in personal capabilities
  • Adaptability and ongoing learning
  • Caring and compassion for others
  • Social interaction skills that are wholesome and positive
  • Humility and cooperation
  • Citizenship


Develop Leadership Skills by:

  • Listening and communicating well
  • Solving problems and resolving conflicts
  • Being a teacher, coach, mentor
  • Practicing teamwork skills
  • Building on assets—personal, group, community
  • Being a facilitator, encourager, recorder
  • Clarifying personal values and beliefs and respecting those of others


Experience Community (which promotes UM student retention) by:

  • Interacting with peers from many colleges and departments in a noncompetitive setting
  • Developing a social conscience: a sense of purpose and personal responsibility to one’s community
  • Building mutually caring relationships; being needed by others
  • Developing a wider social group, including several generations, on and off campus

2. Methods to Achieve Goals for UM Students via K–12 Outreach & Community Service


Reach Out! Mentoring

  1. UM students mentor teens and children
    • Hands-on science & research within science clubs
    • Academic support: math & science focus
    • Personal discovery: learning styles, talents & skills, goals
    • College and career exploration
  2. UM students mentor and “coach” teachers and parents
    • Help them start science clubs
    • Learn of and utilize UM and community resources for children and teens
    • Find enrichment projects and activities for classes and after-school programs
  3. Children and teens, with UM student support, mentor peers and younger children
    • Hands-on science activities and research
    • Academic support
  4. Business and community members mentor UM students
    • Family-like relationships for students
    • Career exploration for students and youth
    • Research projects for students and youth


Reach Out! Science Clubs

  1. UM students coordinate K–12 Science Clubs in schools, churches, and public housing sites.
  2. UM students support teachers and parents in coordinating science clubs at lunch time, after school, on weekends, and during summers.
  3. UM students support business, community, and UM faculty or staff in coordinating science clubs in schools, churches, and public housing sites.


Reach Out! Roundtables and Symposia

  1. UM students assist with Southeast Michigan Math-Science Coalition website maintenance. This site includes hands-on science lessons and activities, community and UM programs, summer camps, resources for teachers and parents, career resources in communities.
  2. UM students assist in planning and hosting Career Fairs.
  3. UM students provide college and career roundtable discussions and panels for youth, teachers, counselors, and parents.
  4. UM students develop and facilitate roundtables and presentations on many “educational” topics, like learning styles, hands-on learning, project-based learning, alternative assessment strategies, study strategies, and test-taking skills.
  5. UM students assist with planning and hosting Coalition community recognition events and planning forums.
Right: three career mentees on stage at the
Purple Rose Theater in Chelsea, where they were
exposed to several career fields—lighting
design, scenery construction, playwriting,
acting, marketing, and management.
Pioneer mentoring

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