Final CUOS K–12 Education Outreach Program Report, March 2002

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  A. Preamble
    Chart 1: Individual Volunteers 1995-2002
  B. Mission
  C. Who We Are and What We Do: A Summary
    Chart 2: Partners Who Have Funded Our Work, 1997-2002
  D. Values and Principles
    Note: Why our numbers seem to change in every chart


What We Do and Have Learned

  A. Themes
    1. We are about community-building
    2. We are about empowerment
    Chart 3: Individual Children Served, 1995-2002
    3. We see outreach work as a developmental process
    4. Outreach is positively transformative for the mentors
    Chart 4: Individual Mentors, 1995-2002
    5. Math and science aren't everything
    6. Why we fail to attract and keep women and minorities
    Chart 5: UM Student Volunteer Affiliations, 1995-2002
    7. Science and math outreach cannot be more of the same
    8. We take accountability seriously but define it differently
    Chart 6: Science Activities by Community
  B. Voices [beginning]


Nuts & Bolts: Replication

  A. Building a Learning Community
    Chart 7: Program Elements: Scope and Sequence of Goals
  B. Strategies
    1. Train the trainers
    2. Mentor the mentors
    3. Build in time for reflection
    4. Take advantage of the availability of young adult volunteers
    5. Pay your coordinators
    6. Avoid dollars with strings attached
    7. Give youth opportunities to do science and math
    8. Provide for personal and career exploration
    9. Use technology to widen your reach and to report on your efforts
    10. Expect bumps in the road
  C. Voices [continuing]


Final-Year Programming

  A. Coalition Meeting
  B. Pontiac Youth Task Force
  C. Science Clubs
  D. Computer Challenge Clubs
  E. Teen Academic Mentoring
  F. Slauson Middle School Builders Club
  G. Detroit World Outreach Career Exploration Center
  H. Wayne State University's HealthFOCUS Conference





  A. Peer Review of Our Programming
    1. Summary of Findings and Recommendations
    2. Addendum: Sites and Collaborations
  B. Congruence of Reach Out! and UM Goals and Values
    1. North Central Accreditation Process
    2. President's Commission on the Undergraduate Experience
  C. Goals & Methods for Reach Out! Volunteers
    1. Goals
    2. Methods
  D. Program Summaries 1995-2001
    1. Science Clubs
    2. Career Exploration Programs
    3. Academic and Personal Mentoring
    4. Services to Teachers and Other Community Members
    5. Learning Community Development
  E. Photo Gallery: A Sample of Who We Are
  F. Organizational Chart
  G. Coalition Partners List
  H. Volunteers List

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