1998-99 CUOS K-12 Education Outreach Program Progress Report
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VI. Conclusions and Recommendations

Since our ultimate aim is the re-forming and strengthening of learning communities, we naturally operate in a coalition framework. This organization allows diverse groups to cooperate on common pursuits, in ways that honor our individual passions. Voluntarism thrives only when the volunteers are doing what they love and working toward something they care about. We each contribute the piece we feel competent at, rather than duplicating one another's efforts and trying to perform where we have no true stake in the outcome. If this theory is implemented, we should see an increasing number of "limited partnerships," where different groups collaborate with us on particular projects. Indeed, we have succeeded in this endeavor. We have helped a number of organizations with starting up programs or projects in which we have some experience or expertise, all of which are ultimately aimed at serving children and teens.

Table of Contents
I. Science Clubs III. Career Clubs
  A. Program Description and Goals   A. Owen School
  B. Peace Neighborhood Center   B. Slauson Middle School
  C. North Maple Estates   C. Pioneer High School
  D. George School    
  E. Community Church of God IV. Technology
  F. Owen School   A. Owen School
  G. Lessons Learned from Science Clubs   B. Coalition Web Site
II. Mentoring Programs V. Research Experiences for Teachers
  A. Program Description and Goals   A. Things We Learned
  B. Chapelle School   B. What Comes Next
  C. Pioneer High School    
  D. The Neutral Zone VI. Conclusions and Recommendations
  E. HOPE Program    
  F. Serendipity Reading Clubs VII. Appendix A. Organizational Chart
  G. Camp Discovery   Appendix B. Partners List

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